The House That Never Existed, The Ghost That Caught Her Cheating, And 25 Other "Unsolved Mysteries" People Can't Explain

I asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share the "unsolved mysteries" they've experienced in their lives that they don't have an explanation for. From true crimes to paranormal encounters to disruptions in the Matrix, here are 27 that literally sent shivers down my spine:
1. “I once found a ring in a graveyard. It had clearly been dropped and wasn't on a grave so I took it and my mom posted about it on Facebook. Nobody ever claimed it, so I kept it. He said it "wasn't fancy, just a dark metal with a little eye-like pattern. It was always cold to the touch and had no gems. One day I lost it at school. I was very sad about it because I'd become so attached to it." and wore it every i told my mom i had lost it and she promised to look for it since she worked as a cleaner at school.we hadn't been outside that day so it had to be inside ."
Sean Gladwell/Getty Images
"I got home that day and guess what was on my bed? The damn ring. Of course I was happy, but in the back of my mind I was confused because I knew I had attracted him. My mom came home two hours later and guess what she found? MY RING. I now had two identical rings. She found it in my classroom next to my desk. I still have both rings but refuse to wear them.”
– catgoesmoo
2. "When I was 5, I was playing in my room while my mom was cooking dinner downstairs. My toys were always on a very high shelf that I couldn't reach on my own, so my mom had to get them for me. I called her downstairs to get me one of my toys but she said I had to wait a bit before she could come upstairs. I waited about five minutes before deciding to get it myself. I jumped and tried to grab it but I still couldn't reach it. That was until I started levitating. "
"It sounds so silly to write this down, but I remember it. I reached the toy and started playing with it. After a few more minutes my mother came over and saw that I had the toy. She asked me how I managed to reach it and I told her I swam. She didn't believe me, but neither of us have any other explanation as to how else I could have gotten it."
3. "My husband and I lived in student family homes while he was working on his degree AND had two jobs. I stayed home with our baby who had some additional needs. I had been up all night with the baby, and I said goodbye to the hubs when he left for work around 5:30am. I finally got the baby to sleep around 6am and laid myself down but couldn't fall asleep. I just lay there with my arm on my forehead begging for sleep. My husband got home around 6:30 am. I didn't think about it much - he was a waiter in a restaurant, so sometimes he would come home early to study when they were slow and didn't need him. The front door was always locked, so I heard him come in and put his keys in the bowl. I was awake but lay down and kind of hoped he would go to his desk and work so I could try to sleep. He walked over to check if I slept and then went back to his desk to get to work."
Robin Beckham/Getty Images/iStockphoto
"I was able to nap for about 30 minutes before the baby woke up again. I got up, took a quick shower and then got the baby ready for a walk. By this time my hubs had gone again but I wasn't sure where he was going as he had no class that morning.
I tried to shake it off, but I couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong. I texted him during our walk to see where he went. Nothing. Two hours later he texted me back that he had just gotten off work and was on his way home. I asked why he came home early and he said he was at work the whole time as they were very busy that morning. I called the caretaker to see if they had entered my apartment as they were the only other people who had a key but they didn't have one. Then who the hell came into my apartment wearing my husband's clothes????
4. "I was home one night, sitting on the couch with my daughter. We were watching TV when out of nowhere I felt a tap, tap, tap on my shoulder. My daughter was far enough away that she could "I wasn't her. I immediately looked around but didn't see anyone. A few feet away my now ex-wife was sitting at the computer. Looking over, I saw her side left, cleared the cache, and then cleared the internet history. There are a few reasons for this, but they all serve primarily to hide what you've done. It raised my suspicions enough that I started checking in on your computer time to investigate little further. Ultimately, this led to my uncovering infidelity, and ultimately to our divorce. To this day, I don't know who or what patted me on the back, but I still want to say thank you."
Westend61/Getty Images/Westend61
5. “When I was 11, I was in my church's Sunday school and one of the church ladies showed us her slides from her visit to the Holy Land. The pictures were really beautiful - lots of landscapes and shots of famous people. Then there was a slide of these people on the Mount of Olives. Everyone gasped and turned to look at me, including the churchwoman who took these pictures. One of the girls on this slide looked EXACTLY like me...even down to the clothes she was wearing. I was wearing exactly the same clothes back then."
Dan Porges/Getty Images
“Because this was a fundamental Baptist church, everyone looked at me with absolute horror. One of the kids mentioned something about a double, others asked me why I didn't tell them I went there with the church lady, and the church lady looked back and forth between me and the slide as if I were a demon. It was really terrifying. I had to explain that it wasn't me and that I didn't even know what a double was. I tried Use logic and explain that of course there will be strangers who look alike (although that doesn't explain why we wore the same clothes.) The children moved on with their lives, but not the church women. They were never nice to me again, and not long after, Church leaders found a way to kick me out. I guess you've never read the part in the Bible that talks about the Lord working in mysterious ways.
Marvel Studios/Disney
6. "I experienced a kind of Mandela effect with the 'what is love if not constant sadness?' Quote from WandaVision. It's something I've had in my head for at least 20 years. I always thought it was a famous quote, like from a Brontë or whatever. When I started hearing people attributing it to WandaVision I found that crazy ignorant and dove deep for whoever actually said it first. Apparently it really was WandaVision. It's super crappy; I swear to god I read that in high school somewhere.
7. "My maternal grandmother wore three diamond rings that my grandfather gave her. The night she died, my mother was packing up her things at the hospital but couldn't find the rings that night. Desperate, she called the hospice where my grandmother had been before the ambulance took her to the hospital. They cleaned out her room and even let the laundry service find her sheets. Nothing. My mother triple checked her belongings, purse, jacket, clothes - and... nothing. The rings were lost. It was a long and horrible day and my mother went to bed late at night, still frantic about the rings. In the middle of the night she was suddenly awakened by something. She shot up, went to my grandmother's purse, opened it... and the rings sat right on top. Absolutely unmissable. We like to say that my grandmother kept them for one more night before returning them to my grandpa.
– Raylewis Blocker
Maria Masuta/Getty Images/EyeEm
8. "A few years ago my dog ​​died. Three or four days later, a friend from outside came to stay with us. He had his 3 year old son with him who had never been to our house before, never knew we had a dog etc. We were all sitting at the table having dinner when the child looked under the table and quite casually said, 'I don't like your ghost dog.' We all froze and thought, "What did you say?" He repeated, "I don't like your ghost dog." He looked closely at where she would normally lie under the table while we ate dinner. It felt really comforting to think that she could still be with us."
Ilya Blinov/Getty Images/EyeEm
9. "In 2015, my husband and I moved into the basement of my parents' house after my mother passed away. The event I am about to tell you about happened just a few months ago. So we got up around 3am and texted. I was in the living room and my husband was sleeping on the bed. I got up to have a drink from the kitchen and to check on my husband. Right at that moment we had a fan turned on in the bedroom and flew off the box we had it on, hit the ceiling and flew all the way into the living room. It hit the ceiling so hard it made a dent.
Paramount Pictures
"My husband slept through the night (I have no idea how) but my dad felt it through the floor even though his room was halfway up the house where it hit. It was wild; I can not explain."
10. "One time my boyfriend and I were walking through Blockbuster (tells you how old this story is) and talking about what movie we were getting. A couple walked by as I was speaking and the man suddenly said my name. First just my name, nothing else. I turned around, expecting to see someone I knew, but instead we stared at each other blankly for a few seconds before he said, "I recognized your voice and knew your name... but I have no idea who you are. ' We then spent the next 20 to 30 minutes going through every school, neighborhood, workplace, friend and vague acquaintance we could think of and could never find the connection. As far as we could tell, this man and I had never met up to this day. My friends still joke that this man is my husband in a parallel universe or in a past life."
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11. "One of my teachers grew up in a house with a lot of paranormal activity and she told stories all the time, but this one scared me the most. About 15 years after she moved away, she and her three siblings returned to visit her parents' home. The house was a little out of town, but when they walked to the road that led them home, it wasn't there. It looked like it never existed. They shrugged their shoulders and drove there anyway, only the house was gone too. There was nothing to indicate there had ever been a house there - no foundation stones, no cement, nothing. Frightened, they went into town (quite a small town) and asked if anything had happened to their house. Everyone looked at them like they were crazy and said, 'There's never been a house down there.' They still have no idea what happened."
Ucpage/Getty Images/iStockphoto
12. "Growing up in the late '80s, I was a latchkey and kept losing my house key. My parents had to change the locks at least five times as far as I can remember. The last time they changed the locks I was around 11 and they told me I would be grounded if I lost the next house key. My mother hung the house key on a long piece of nylon cord that I had worn every day for months. One day as I was riding the bike home from school on the bus, it just vanished into thin air from my neck. I've always fiddled with it, but never taken it off. I had my back against the seat so no one could have taken it off me. I remember looking at it all around the bus afterwards and no one admitted to seeing it."
Mamigibbs/Getty Images
"When I got home, I asked my neighbor, who was about my age, to help me break into my house. Apparently a second floor window was unlocked, so he used his father's ladder to climb up to that window and let me in... I left an unlocked window and crawled through it every school day for the next three or four months instead of my parents' say I lost another house key and got in trouble. One Saturday I woke up to my ceiling fan spinning. This was weird because it was fall and not hot anymore, so I hadn't turned it on. Then I noticed something hanging by the ceiling fan knob on my wall. It was my house key, still on the rope, dangling like someone had it just dropped there.
I confronted my parents about this and they had no idea how it happened. Little did they know it had even been lost. The whole situation was very strange. I have no idea how my key just disappeared, only to reappear months later. Apparently it had a profound effect on me because in 35 years I've never lost a bunch of keys."
13. "When I was about 13, we visited some friends in Missouri. Three of us were hanging out and my girlfriend's parents went to run some errands. They were gone for about an hour, so we decided to sit down and play a large walk-in closet game with a Ouija board. It started with normal stupid questions, but then we asked the spirit where they were. They said, 'I'm here.' At this point we could hear the floorboards creaking in front of the closet and could see shadows blocking the light coming in under the door, as if there were two feet directly in front of the door."
"After a few minutes, the 'feet' kicked off and was gone. No one else was in the house - my girlfriend's parents came home an hour or two later and swore they hadn't stopped at home in the middle of errands. So who was it? at the door?"
14. "When I was about 8 or 9 years old, my family went on vacation to visit my maternal aunt. My birthday passed while we were there, so my aunt took me to a jeweler's and bought me a gold ring with a flower on it and a light green stone in the middle. Well, a few weeks later I was playing around with it and stuck it between my front teeth (stupid, I know). They had to cut it to get it out so it was all bent and now cut in half. I lost it soon after and never really thought about it. Three years later my grandmother died and was buried in the local cemetery. One day my aunt (on my dad's side) had mentioned that she found a small, gold children's ring on grandma's grave, so she put it on her headstone in case anyone dropped it.
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"When we visited the following week, the ring was still there. She picked it up and gave it to me. it was my ring It wasn't cut in half like it should be, but you could see the exact part I had bent years before trying to remove it from my teeth. I took it home to my mom and she was sure she threw it away years ago. I still have it and I still have no idea how it got there or why."
15. “When I was about 7 years old, my family moved to Charlotte, North Carolina. We stayed in a hotel while my parents looked for a house nearby. Every night we were there I had very intense dreams about a girl but I could never remember the details. All I knew was that it was bad news and had something to do with Charlotte. Her face was clear; I can still see it in my head. Anyway, I spent the next few weeks trying to dissuade my family from moving to Charlotte to avoid the girl, and luckily we were moving to a small town out of town, which was a relief because that meant that I only had to take care of her when we went on a trip into town. A few days after moving in, the lady across the street came to introduce herself. Her daughter was with her and she was the girl from dreams. Her name was Charlotte.”
Elva Etienne/Getty Images
16. "A few years ago my aunt died. After the funeral, my family and I all went to my uncle's (her brother's) house for a small gathering. Some snacks were served including one of those veggie trays with a dip in the middle. A few of us were in the kitchen and we all saw the veg tray being opened and then left alone, all the veggies removed from the dip. Everyone headed back into the living room, and when a couple of people later headed back into the kitchen, there suddenly was a single carrot sitting in the middle of the dip. My aunt, who passed away, was known in the family for doing just that with vegetable peelings whenever we had them."
Marshall-andrew Lee/Getty Images/iStockphoto
"Literally nobody had ever left the living room, and everyone was sitting so close together (small room) that it would have been completely impossible for anyone to get up and leave the room without being noticed. There was absolutely no way we could have sneaked the carrot into the dip."
17. "My adult daughter and I sat in the front seat of my car in the parking lot of Sam's Club in the middle of winter. I removed my gloves and laid them next to me while making sure I had my grocery list. When I went to put my gloves back on, one of the gloves wasn't there. My daughter and I looked everywhere in the car, checked the floor underneath, checked our wallets, everything. The glove was gone. I even verified the loss and found it on the next visit to the store. Nothing."
Dusan Ilic/Getty Images/iStockphoto
"A few months later I was visiting my sister a few towns down and she told me that she had cleaned out the garbage drawer in her kitchen and found one of my gloves. It was the glove I lost in the car! I looked at this glove like I saw a ghost. We still have no idea how my glove traveled all the way from my car to her house.
18. "My husband and I got a rescue cat that lived both inside and outside the home. She spent most of the day exploring outside but we brought her in at night. We got ready for bed one evening, and I made sure all the windows were closed, both the front and back doors were locked, and the cat flap on the door was latched both ways before going upstairs for the night. I know the cat door was locked because I pushed it open a few times to confirm, as I did every night. However, our cat had been inside all evening and was lying at the foot of our bed as usual when we went to sleep. I was woken up at 3:45 am by scratching noises and I assumed she was trying to get out of the cat flap. I went downstairs to tell her no and closed the utility room door so she couldn't access the hatch, but she wasn't there."
Kevin Tobar/Getty Images/EyeEm
"I turned on all the lights downstairs and looked but couldn't find them anywhere. I pressed the cat flap and confirmed it was still locked. I checked the downstairs and upstairs windows, all closed. I went back upstairs and looked out our bedroom window to see the other side of the cat flap outside and there she was standing outside the house meowing to be let in!
I let her in and spent the next 10 minutes pushing and trying to get my fingers under the cat flap to see if she could have opened it, but it was definitely securely fastened and not broken. We have no idea how she got out. My husband didn't get up at night and neither did I and we definitely saw them at 11pm. when we went to sleep I'm really amazed. She's the only redhead cat in our area and stands out for her markings and meowing, so it was definitely ours that I let in! So confused, definitely either a glitch in the matrix or our cat learned to teleport without telling us."
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