The It List: 'Rooting for Roona' captures story of baby with hydrocephalus, Liam Neeson returns to action in 'Honest Thief,' 'Requiem for a Dream' gets 4K restoration and the best in pop culture the w

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STREAM IT: Get ready to fall in love with Rooting for Roona
The latest Netflix docs follow Baby Roona from rural India, who was born with the rare hydrocephalus (also known as "water in the brain"), which resulted in an enlarged head three times the size of normal. Her parents, desperate to help their daughter but unsure what to do or how to pay for it, shared Roona's story publicly in an attempt to find the kind of medical help she needed. And in a way it worked. Her story attracted international attention in 2013, and some doctors in her home country agreed to operate on her for free. We watch Roona and her parents undergo brain surgery and try to make their lives as normal as possible. "It is a story about two people - one of them is barely grown himself, he was 17 when she was born - and how they raised a child against whom many insurmountable opportunities would be held," summarized the journalist Ammu Kannampilly. It is also one that forces us to examine a healthcare system and examine how families - financially, emotionally, and otherwise - are affected when a loved one is exposed to a life-threatening illness. - Raechal Shewfelt
Rooting for Roona premieres Thursday October 15 on Netflix.
WATCH IT OUT: Liam Neeson is a bad guy who got great in the new action movie Honest Thief
Exclusive look at 'Honest Thief': Tom tells Nivens he's coming for him
Liam Neeson plays Tom Carter, who stole $ 9 million from small town banks while managing to keep his identity a secret. But after falling in love with bubbly Annie (Kate Walsh), Tom decides to start over by cleaning up his criminal past, only to be double-crossed by two ruthless FBI agents.
Liam Neeson specializes in playing good guys who occasionally do bad things to even worse people. The actor's latest action film, Honest Thief, flips that script by casting him as bank robber Tom Carter, who makes the decision to leave right after falling in love with Kate Walsh's Annie Sumpter. Before they can settle down together, however, he voluntarily surrenders to the FBI to clear up his criminal past. Unfortunately, he picks the wrong FBI agents (Jai Courtney and Anthony Ramos) to surrender to and has to run for his life. Since this is Neeson, it doesn't take long before he goes on the offensive with his very special skills. Check out the exclusive clip above to see how he channels his ingested energy and promises to cause all sorts of problems to anyone who dares to cross it. - Ethan dude
Honest Thief opens in theaters on Friday October 16. Check Fandango for ticket and Showtime information.
WATCH IT: Requiem for a Dream, now 20, repeats itself with the new 4K version
Darren Aronofsky's edgy and feverish drama Requiem for a Dream looks better than ever - if not somehow better - in a new 4K UHD Blu-ray release, though it's just as hard to look at the drug addiction strolling characters through Brooklyn. "I'd say this is the biggest challenge I've ever faced," says on-screen veterinarian Ellen Burstyn, who received an Oscar nomination for the film, in behind-the-scenes interviews with Aronofsky and the cast of bonus features (see above an exclusive clip of them). The 4K Ultra HD Combo Pack includes Dolby Atmos, "which transports viewers from an ordinary moment to an extraordinary experience with moving audio flowing around them," the press release said. "Fans will feel like they're in the action when the sounds of people, places, things and music come alive with breathtaking realism and move around the room." Are we sure we can handle it? - Kevin Polowy
Requiem for a Dream is available on Amazon on 4K UHD Blu-ray.
WATCH IT: Shark Tank is celebrating its new socially distant season
Shark Tank Season 12 will look a little different this year. While longtime sharks Mark Cuban, Kevin O'Leary, Barbara Corcoran, Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec, and Daymond John return with their chairs six feet apart, there are some fresh faces too. This year's guest sharks include former MLB star Alex Rodriguez, Toms founder Blake Mycoskie, jewelry designer Kendra Scott and KIND founder Daniel Lubetzky. The popular business-themed reality show moved production to Las Vegas for the first time amid the coronavirus pandemic, with the cast and crew following security protocols in a quarantine bubble, according to deadline. Expect Shark Tank to highlight the real impact COVID-19 has on startups and small businesses. “Right now people are going through really tough times. Really hard times, ”says Cuban in the emotional trailer. "You are experiencing it, everyone is experiencing it. And you showed people that you can get through the worst of times." - Taryn Ryder
Shark Tank Season 12 premieres Friday October 16 at 8 p.m. on ABC.
STEAM IT: Season 3 of Star Trek: Discovery brings Trekkers back to the future
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For its third year mission, the good ship Discovery courageously goes to another final frontier: the distant future. The season three premiere plucks Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) and the rest of the Christopher Pike Enterprise-era disco crew, dropping them a thousand years forward in the Star Trek timeline, skipping the days of The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Picard. You can bet that they will encounter all sorts of new enemies and allies in this brave new world, including the franchise's first transgender and non-binary characters. With such bold storytelling decisions made, Discovery will continue to live and prosper long. - E.A.
Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 premiered Thursday, October 15 on CBS All Access.
WATCH IT: The Amazing Race returns for the ultimate travel FOMO
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Record this folks, because it will undoubtedly be a long time before we see 22 maskless strangers crossing the globe and rushing at full throttle towards Phil Keoghan - at least without Plexiglas and a Travelocity gnome filled with Purell ready. Filmed in the fall of 2018, long before the pandemic trotted the globe on ice, eleven teams - including professional volleyball players, a gay couple, NFL vets and two Olympic hurdlers - will compete against each other in the 32nd season of the travel reality competition a $ 1 million prize as they race around the world, getting sweaty on daring physical challenges and rubbing elbows with locals. Sigh. Were we still so young and carefree? - Erin Donnelly
The premiere of the Amazing Race Season 32 will take place on Wednesday, October 14th at 9pm. on CBS.
STREAM IT: BLACKPINK is near you ... and on Netflix
Blackpink: Light up the sky
The record-breaking Korean girl band BLACKPINK tells their story - and describes the highly competitive journey of dreams and trials behind their meteoric rise.
Blink, rejoice! After releasing their official full-length debut, The Album, K-Pop's most unstoppable girl group stars are in BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky. The four-year-old film, Netflix's first K-pop documentary, was directed by Caroline Suh and records the development of Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa and Rosé from BLACKPINK - from apprentices in Seoul to Coachella 2019 breakout stars to world stars. dominating superstars - through never-before-seen interviews and behind-the-scenes footage. - Lyndsey Parker
BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky premieres on Wednesday October 14th on Netflix.
STREAM IT: The cast of the west wing unite in the name of democracy
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They are back! More than 14 years after the clever, hilarious drama about the Bartlet administration's years blew up in the White House, the cast and producers have come together to encourage people to vote in the upcoming presidential election. Most of the cast will appear: Allison Janney, Bradley Whitford, Dulé Hill, Janel Moloney, Richard Schiff and Martin Sheen, even Rob Lowe, who left the series after four seasons. They also made an exciting addition to Sterling K. Brown, who will play the role of Bartlet's first chief of staff, Leo McGarry, since actor John Spencer passed away in 2005. Even Aaron Sorkin, who created, produced and wrote much of the series, has returned to turn the episode "Hartsfield's Landing" into a stage show. Here Charlie and C.J. Prank each other on Bartlet's schedule while Josh sends Donna on the very important mission of getting exactly two votes for her boss in his re-election campaign. Look for special appearances from former first lady Michelle Obama, President Bill Clinton, and Hamilton creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda. - R.S.
A west wing special that we will benefit from if we all vote. It will air on Thursday, October 15, on HBO Max.
WATCH IT: CBS begins airing the fourth season of the acclaimed sitcom One Day at a Time
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Norman Lear's reboot of the 1970s sitcom - this time focusing on a Cuban-American family - is pretty much a one-stop shop for relevant social issues when it comes to family television. There's immigration, depression, single parenting, alcoholism, teen drug use, teenage sexuality, a lesbian daughter and her non-binary partner, and much more. Plus, it's incredibly smart, with a stellar cast (including Rita Moreno!) Who will skillfully maneuver you from belly laughing to serious crying, all in one tiny, fulfilling episode. After being canceled by Netflix and bailed out by Pop TV, it returns this week with a shortened season on CBS (Viacom siblings of Pop TV) - six episodes filmed on stage after the delayed pandemic. And while a seventh, politically-focused animated episode won't air, we can't wait to catch up with the amazing Alvarez family. - Beth Greenfield
The premiere of One Day at a Time will be broadcast on Monday, October 12th at 9 p.m. on CBS.
WATCH IT: Clare Crawley will finally go on a journey to find true love as The Bachelorette returns to its 16th season in a new night
Chris Harrison says it every time, but could season 16 really be the most dramatic season of The Bachelorette? Finding love - and filming it - during the coronavirus pandemic alone seemed like an obstacle enough. Meanwhile, rumors have risen that Clare Crawley found love at the start of the season and producers reportedly used Bachelor Nation star Tayshia Adams to replace her as a Bachelorette. There are even signs of suitors mutiny in the show's latest promo. ABC, we've been waiting for this. We hope that you will accept our rose on Tuesday evening. - Alexis Shaw
The premiere of the Bachelorette season 16 will take place on Tuesday, October 13th at 8 p.m. on ABC.
STREAM IT: Oh, what a wonderful morning! The classic Oklahoma film musical! turns 65 years old
Oklahoma! Poster from left: Shirley Jones, Gordon MacRae, 1955. (Photo: LMPC via Getty Images)
65 years after the blockbuster theatrical version of Rogers and Hammerstein's Broadway darling, movie-goers sang and danced in the aisles, Oklahoma! is experiencing a renaissance. The musical played a memorable role in Charlie Kaufman's latest cult hit, "I Think About the End of Things," and was featured in the first episode of HBO's Emmy-acclaimed limited series, Watchmen. Cast members like Hugh Jackman and Ali Stroker were also catapulted to success after whistling those levels: Jackman's star rose after starring in an acclaimed West End production in 1998, while Stroker became the first Tony-winner in a wheelchair for Broadway -Revival 2019 made history. In the meantime, the 1955 film version is still available for streaming and, with its beautiful color palette and spirited production numbers, remains a highlight for musicals from the Golden Age. And you should best believe that star Shirley Jones, who directed the immortal 1970s series The Partridge Family alongside stepson David Cassidy, is still alive. "I love the part and I love the show and I love the music," she said in a 2019 interview. Oh, what a nice feeling. - E.A.
Oklahoma! can be rented or bought from Amazon and iTunes.
HEAR IT: Tommy Lee launches his art
The recently reunited Motley Crüe suspended their stadium tour due to coronavirus concerns, but that won't stop drummer Tommy Lee from rocking. On his third solo album, Andro, he explores the industrial, rap-metal, and glam-pop sounds of his previous solo endeavors, and works with side band Methods of Mayhem. He has hired a number of guest stars - from aspiring rappers to Killvein. Brooke Candy, Push Push and Grimes, to old school rockers like his former rock star: Supernova band / castmate Lukas Rossi and Josh Todd of Buckcherry, even to Post Malone. - L.P.
Tommy Lee talks about sobriety, rehab: "I drank out of boredom"
Tommy Lee recently spoke to Yahoo Entertainment about his new album "Andro" and how he will celebrate a year of sobriety. He recalled that the recent deadlock due to the pandemic led to boredom, which resulted in excessive alcohol consumption. Lee mentioned that he's going through "bouts" of sobriety and partying, but that he spent over a month in rehab last year helping with resetting. His wife Brittany Furlan's concerns partially influenced this decision. "She was like, 'I don't think I've ever seen anyone drink that much.'" Lee recalled. "'You scare me ... How are you going to wake up?' You know, I'll wake up to like, you know, you don't breathe, you know, that kind of fear. "He joked," I must have a horseshoe up my bum, "adding," Someone is obviously taking care of me because that shouldn't be the case. "
Download / Stream Andro on Apple Music.
READ IT: X fans can let off steam with X-Men: The Art and Making of the Animated Series
(Image: Harry N. Abrams)
No reasoning that Patrick Stewart, Hugh Jackman, and Jennifer Lawrence were scary enough, but many comic book fans consider the 1990s X-Men animated series to be the definitive on-screen version of Marvel's legendary mutant team - and this encyclopedic new band is the definitive guide. Written by showrunner Eric Lewald and series writer Julia Lewald, this 272-page art book is jam-packed with script excerpts, concept sketches, storyboards and inside commentary, including how the cartoon spawned classic comic storylines like Days of Future Past and The Phoenix Saga, which both eventually became live-action films. - Marcus Errico
X-Men: The Art and Making of the animated series is available on Amazon starting October 13th. All five seasons of X-Men: The Animated Series can be streamed on Disney +.
STREAM IT: What the Constitution means to me is full of laughter and lessons
Imagine David Sedaris commenting on Hamilton and you have this fun, educational and moving special from writer and star Heidi Schreck. It's a performance of her award-winning play - a Pulitzer Prize finalist and a 2019 nomination for two Tonys - in which she recounts and often recreates the speeches she made about the historical document as a teenager. It was then that Schreck made passionate speeches about the way the government works and the importance of making changes to competitions to win prize money for college. (This was around the time she was "awfully turned on all the time" and obsessed with both Patrick Swayze and the Salem witch trials, she tells the audience.) Other than the fact that the show is a blast , it's also a good refresher on the ideals America was founded right before we go to the elections. - R.S.
What the constitution means to me Premiere on Friday, October 16 at Amazon.
READ IT: Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls: 100 Migrant Women Who Changed the World Make Bedtime Worse
See this post on Instagram
Go rebels go! ? Our latest book takes you on an adventure around the globe and introduces 100 migrant women who have changed the world. ⚡ Raise your hand when you pre-ordered your copy! ??
A post shared by Rebel Girls (@rebelgirls) on Sep 25, 2020 at 11:07 am PDT
Rebel Girls has published a follow-up to its bestselling children's book The Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls, which this time inspires immigrant women - from Golda Meir to Gloria Estefan and Carmen Miranda to Asma Khan. Like its predecessor, this international update features vibrant and lively illustrations that bring any bio to life. 70 artists or non-binary artists from 29 different countries contribute to this. There's no better way to keep your little one (or yourself) energized when she's shutting down for the night. - E.D.
Good night stories for rebel girls: 100 migrant women who have changed the world will be available on Amazon from Tuesday, October 13th.
WATCH IT: Driving While Black offers real stories from the real Green Book
One of the many criticisms of Peter Farrelly's best picture-winning drama, Green Book, is that the film didn't spend much time with the title guide, who wanted to offer black drivers a safe passage through the deep south when segregation was still strictly enforced . The insightful documentary Driving While Black offers a much broader account of both the Green Book and what it meant for a black family to go on a road trip during the Jim Crow era. Directors Gretchen Sorin and Ric Burns - Ken Burns' brother - begin their narrative with the American slave trade, combining the brutal way in which white slave owners restricted the movements of black slaves to the dangers their descendants faced on the streets centuries later were. Sunset cities, enemy highway patrols and the construction of highways were just a few examples of how black travelers and entire communities were affected by the arrival of the automobile age, and the film shows how the legacy of these prejudicial policies lives on today. - E.A.
Driving While Black premieres on Tuesday, October 13th on PBS.
READ IT: Master the art of planning office parties with The Office: The Official Party Planning Guide for Planning Parties
When people are slowly (very slowly) returning to the office in 2021, they will want to celebrate that they are back at work. Enter the best party planning guide on this Scranton, PA page. Staff Marc Sumerak, Julie Tremaine and Anne Taylor Murlowski work together to create the most iconic recipes, games, pranks and crafts that were seen in the hallways and public areas of Dunder Mifflin during the nine seasons of The Office. Whether you're looking to learn how to put a stapler in gelatin, toss up Meemaw's baby vegetable salad, or hosting your own Office Olympics, this photo-heavy, lovingly crafted guide deserves its own Dundie. - E.A.
The Office: The Official Party Planning Guide for Party Planning will be available on Amazon starting Tuesday, October 13th.
WATCH: Totally Under Control reveals the Trump administration's botched reaction to the coronavirus
Dr. Rick Bright and director Alex Gibney on Trump's handling of the COVID-19 pandemic
Bright declared his distrust of the Trump administration and Gibney, director of Totally Under Control, responded to the president's coronavirus diagnosis.
Just three weeks before a crucial presidential election, it remains to be seen whether Alex Gibney, Suzanne Hillinger and Ophelia Harutyunyan's shocking documentary about the Trump administration's botched response to the coronavirus will affect voters or just serve posterity. But what kind of document it is. Comprehensive, insightful, damned and probably quieter than most expect, it's like seeing the captain of the Titanic and his crew head straight for the iceberg for two hours. Totally annoying, absolutely indispensable viewing. - K.P.
Totally Under Control will debut on Tuesday October 13th on VoD services such as iTunes. and stream on Hulu starting Tuesday, October 20th.
WATCH IT: Spike Lee is the director of the filmed version of David Byrne's acclaimed Broadway concert, based on his 2018 album
American Utopia (Trailer 2)
David Byrne's American Utopia brings the critically acclaimed Broadway show to HBO in a one-of-a-kind motion picture directed by Oscar and Emmy winner Spike Lee. David Byrne was recorded during his run at the Hudson Theater on Broadway in New York City and is accompanied by an ensemble of 11 musicians, singers and dancers from around the world who invite the audience into a joyful dream world of human connection, self-development and Rule social justice are paramount.
Unfortunately, America has turned into a dystopia and Broadway has gone dark. But David Byrne's critically announced Broadway show American Utopia is coming to HBO to examine concepts like human connection and social justice that have become all the more relevant since the show ended last February. The Spike Lee-directed version of the film, which captures the groundbreaking production from New York's Hudson Theater, features spectacular choreography by Annie-B Parsons and a troupe of 11 global musicians flanking the genius ex-front man of Talking Heads. - L.P.
David Byrne's premiere of American Utopia will take place on Saturday, October 17th at 8 p.m. HBO.
PLAY IT: Marvel United will make your next game night awesome
With 10 adorable mini-figures of heroes and villains that are instantly recognizable to any fan of the MCU - including Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow, Red Skull and Ultron - this card-based tabletop game can be shared by up to four people People are played or, best of all, in solo mode when no one else is around. The goal: assemble your avengers from the card game and try to thwart the shameful plans of the bad guys. Co-op play adds an exciting fold - different heroes' power combinations can deal a heavy blow - but if you get your hand wrong, you may find yourself at the end of defeat. - ME.
Marvel United is available on Amazon.
WATCH IT YOURSELF: Crash the AFI Fest from the comfort of your couch
See this post on Instagram
We're virtual this year and while some things are a little different it's so easy here to see all of the amazing movies that are shown on #AFIFEST by @Audi. @ATT #howtofest
A post from the American Film Institute (@americanfilminstitute) on Oct 7, 2020 at 1:00 p.m. PDT
Even a global pandemic cannot cancel the film festival season. After the Toronto and New York film festivals, the annual Los Angeles AFI Fest is hosted virtually for the 2020 edition, open to movie lovers from October 15-22 from their living room. The lineup includes a number of American and international films that have already been at the festival, including Wander Darkly, Tragic Jungle and Wolfwalkers, as well as a number of world premieres for the first time. One of these high-profile debuts is the thriller "I am your wife" with Rachel Brosnahan, directed by Julia Hart from Fast Color. Matt Tyrnauer's certainly controversial documentary series The Reagans; and Errol Morris' latest nonfiction, My Psychedelic Love Story. - E.A.
Buy tickets for virtual screenings and events from the AFI Fest official website.
HEAR IT: The struts turn to face the strange ones
Just as the pandemic began to hit America in April, Britrockers the Struts were tested for COVID-19, confiscated in a house in their newly adopted hometown of LA, and recorded 10 songs in 10 days (nine originals plus a rollicking) cover of the KISS / girl classic "Do You Love Me"). The result is a modern exile on Main Street, their aptly titled third album Strange Days. The Time Capsule album includes collaborations with Robbie Williams, Joe Elliott and Phil Collen from Def Leppard, Tom Morello from Rage Against the Machine and Albert Hammond Jr. from Struts. It's the perfect socially distant party soundtrack for those weird days indeed. - L.P.
Download / Stream Strange Days on Apple Music.
- Video produced by Gisselle Bances

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