The It List: Will Ferrell's 'Eurovision' comedy premieres, 'Athlete A' doc delves into U.S. gymnastics sexual abuse scandal, 'St. Elmo's Fire' turns 35 and the best in pop culture the week of June 22,

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STREAM IT: Will Ferrell becomes musical in his first Netflix film, Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga
Like Adam Sandler before him, Will Ferrell, the icon of Saturday Night Live and comedy act on a big screen, brings his talents to Netflix. In his first feature film for the streaming service, the elf star draws on his inner rock star, who promises to steer the famous and strange Eurovision Song Contest in even stranger directions. Ferrell plays Icelandic singer Lars Erickssong, who is unlikely to make it onto the Eurovision stage with his partner - and love interest - Sigrit (Rachel McAdams). But the tough competition, led by Dan Stevens as an extravagant Russian rocker, threatens to dampen their championship dreams and the burning glow of romance. The film features cameos from real Eurovision stars as well as Demi Lovato, who plays an Icelandic singer who seems to be the nation's best hope for victory. Lovato's role and the associated song on the soundtrack continue their upward trend after an opioid overdose from 2018, which she discussed openly in interviews. During the coronavirus quarantine, she kept talking about the importance of mental health, hanging out with her new boyfriend, and co-producing Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber. With Eurovision ready to deliver some much-needed laughs to the rest of us, you could say their careers are on fire. - Ethan age
Premiere of the Eurovision Song Contest on June 26th on Netflix.
STREAM IT: Trolls World Tour receives (another) digital release, this with extras
BTS clip "Trolls World Tour": Something for everyone
Exclusive look behind the scenes of the animated adventure "Trolls World Tour", which takes a look at the origin of the music.
The Trolls 2016 was an unexpected delight, a fun-loving and colorful fiesta of catchy pop music performed by Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake and friends, carried by intelligent and fun storytelling. The new Trolls World Tour, which skipped the planned theatrical release and was the first major film to be released on streaming platforms when the corona virus quarantined the world, was associated with much higher expectations. This succeeds above all thanks to his again charming line-up and the new musical voice. How can you really go wrong with a film that unites Mary J. Blige, George Clinton and Anderson Paak for the first (and probably only) time on a track? The film will be released digitally again this week - as in its home entertainment version, including the bonus features you'll find on its Blu-ray and DVD debut on July 7th, which you can preview in an exclusive clip above can see. - Kevin Polowy
The Trolls World Tour can be streamed on Tuesday, June 23, on Amazon and FandangoNOW.
STREAM IT: Athlete A examines the heartbreaking story of the Olympic fans of the elite athletes
In August 2016, when the Indianapolis star first published an investigation into widespread sexual abuse in U.S. gymnastics - best known for teams that have consistently won gold medals with prominent figures such as Simone Biles, Aly Raisman and Gabby Douglas - the Sport rocked. Netflix is ​​now going back, how and why more than 150 girls have been accusing Larry Nassar, the long-time team doctor for decades, and why their harrowing stories have been unheard of by the adults they trusted for so long. The tragic story has continued to develop, even if the Doc is to be broadcast. Just this week, victims claimed the results of a federal investigation into the case. - Raechal Shewfelt
Athlete A will premiere on Netflix on June 24th.
STREAM IT: Dave Bautista is the latest tough guy in Hollywood to make a children's comedy with My Spy
Video not available
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Arnold Schwarzenegger did it (Kindergarten Cop). Jackie Chan did it (The Spy Next Door). The Rock did it (The Tooth Fairy). Even Vin Diesel made it (The Pacifier). At this point, Hollywood's biggest action stars seem to be committed to making a family-friendly comedy against pre-mature adolescents. Next up is Guardian of the Galaxy Dave Bautista. He plays a hard-boiled CIA agent who meets his match in a 9-year-old (Chloe Coleman) who goes beyond her years. The action comedy, which had multiple release dates, is finally coming when it debuts on Amazon Prime this week. Your train, Jason Statham. - K.P.
My Spy Premiere Friday, June 26th on Amazon Prime.
HEAR IT: A return to Chester Bennington's Gray Daze days
Before he became famous in Linkin Park, Chester Bennington spent his teenagers in the Phoenix hard rock band Gray Daze, which has had a cult following since then, although their catalog has been out of print for a long time. In fact, Bennington and the band had planned to play a 20-year reunion show before Bennington died in 2017. Now Gray Daze co-founder and close Bennington friend Sean Dowdell and Bennington's widow Talinda have brought these songs back on the internet, Album Amends, which combines Bennington's original vocals with tracks newly recorded by members of Korn, POD, Helmet and Bush. Part of the proceeds from the All Star album will go to Talinda's charitable organization 320 Changes Direction, while other parts will go to Chester's children. - Lyndsey Parker
Download / Stream changes to Apple Music.
WATCH IT: I will be gone in the dark chasing California's "Golden State Killer"
I'll be in the dark: season 1
A six-part documentary series based on the book of the same name, "I'll stay in the dark," examines writer Michelle McNamara's investigation into the dark world of the violent predator she called "The Golden State Killer." McNamara lived a quiet life as a writer, mother and wife and preferred to stay on the periphery of the Hollywood world of her comedian husband Patton Oswalt. But every night while her family was sleeping, she gave herself to her obsession with unsolved cases and started her investigation
Author Michelle McNamara’s nonfiction report on California's “Golden State Killer” first appeared in February 2018 in an unusual book, largely written by McNamara, and completed by her husband, comedian Patton Oswalt, after her unexpected death in April 2016. Now HBO has turned it into a six-part document that examines how McNamara, an amateur but obsessed investigator, has put the case together in the last few years of her life using genealogy websites, DNA profiles, and other tools. The show, told by Amy Ryan, shows footage of McNamara and interviews with victims of the accused serial rapist and murder, Oswalt and others. Also shown is the arrest of Joseph James DeAngelo, which occurred only two months after the book was published, even though officials insisted that none of the information on their pages had anything to do with it. - R.S.
I will disappear in the dark premiere on Sunday June 28th on HBO.
STREAM IT: 35 years later, we still carry a flashlight for St. Elmos fire
St. Elmos fire
Seven friends, the youngest college graduates, are looking for a place in the real world as they face career and engagement issues. Leslie and Alec (Ally Sheedy and Judd Nelson) try to save a crumbling romance. Wendy (Mare Winningham), a shy virgin, hides a love for Billy (Rob Lowe), a reluctant father / husband who is still looking for goals. Kevin (Andrew McCarthy) is a cynical writer who despises love until he realizes that he is in love with his best friend's girl. Kirbo (Emilio Estevez), law student, whether
Full Disclosure: This 1985 Dram Com by Joel Schumacher with a who's who of the 80s pin-ups - Andrew McCarthy, Demi Moore, Judd Nelson, Ally Sheedy, Emilio Estevez, mare Winningham and Rob Lowe in its full feather hair splendor - can hold a candle for other hits from the Brat Pack oeuvre. But the postgraduate fear and growing pain that this troubled, highly photogenic group of old Georgetown friends feel hits some universal issues: unrequited love, career anxiety, mental health problems. Estevez's pursuit of poor Andie Macdowell as a "romantic" subplot may not last, but 35 years after the film's premiere, we're happy to report that Lowe's enthusiastic saxophone blasting scenes are still strangely fascinating. Congratulations, kids. - Erin Donnelly
St. Elmo's fire can be streamed to Amazon and Hulu.
READ IT: Gain Yoda-level knowledge in the Star Wars list book
(Image: becker & mayer! Books)
You will never lose a round of Star Wars trivia again after reading this incredibly comprehensive collection of fun facts from this distant galaxy. Whether Padawan or Jedi Master, you are bound to discover something you never knew about the franchise. The author Cole Horton has taken Yoda's mantra "Share what you've learned" to heart and has put together 100 lists that cover everything from secret celebrity cameos to deleted scenes, every "bad feeling", every decapitation and every lost link Cover rankings from the ugliest aliens to the chicest capes to the finest facial hair. It's all here, impressively illustrated with official stills from films and TV shows. Who needs a holocron when you have that? - Marcus Errico
Star Wars Book of Lists will be available from Amazon on Tuesday, June 23.
WATCH IT: Darren Criss collects license fees for Quibi
License fees
Sure, it took its lumps, but Quibi lives to fight another day - or at least write another day. Royalties, one of the latest high-profile series from the mobile app for bite-size entertainment on the go (which unfortunately started at the worst time for content on the go when we were all "on the couch"). Quarantine) Stars Glee Alaun Darren Criss and you are the worst Star Kether Donohue as a songwriting tandem trying to control the absurdity of the big label record industry. For a small fact that imitates art and makes life fun: Criss, also author and producer of the series, is actually involved in writing the music of the show. - K.P.
Royalties will launch new episodes on Quibi on Monday June 22nd.
BUY IT: Hasbro's interactive Deadpool head lets you control the Merc with the mouth of a mouth
(Image: Marvel / Hasbro)
Tired of talking to your own friends or family after months in quarantine? Hasbro's new interactive Deadpool head will be happy to contact you. This noggin hits the shelves in September, but can now be pre-ordered. It contains over 600 pre-installed phrases and sound effects that you can control with a free downloadable app for iOS and Android mobile devices. Be aware that this Deadpool, like its cinematic counterpart, is an R-rated perpetrator armed with lots of colorful swear words and insults. And even with the mask over your head, thanks to several sensors and motors that allow funny expressions, you can see what he feels. Get ready to share a Chimichanga - and a laugh - with your new best friend. - E.A.
The Premium Premium Interactive Head from Marvel Legends Deadpool can be pre-ordered from Amazon and Hasbro Pulse.
HEAR IT: HAIM's sister act III
Video not available
Unfortunately, this video is not available in your region.
Este, Danielle and Alana Haim are back with their third album Women in Music Pt. III, co-produced by former Vampire Weekend member Rostam Batmanglij. On the record, they branch out from their typical airy Californian indie pop to explore darker, more moody versions of jazz and psych rock, as well as difficult issues like depression and sexism. But with their pop sensibility, the “Summer Girl” singers still deliver their soundtrack for summer 2020. - L.P.
Download / Stream Women in Music Pt. III on Apple Music.
PLAY IT: Funko is now on board with tabletop versions of Pan Am and Godzilla (gaming)
Funko Games has already made our gaming hearts beat faster with 88 MPH with the difficult strategy game Back to the Future: Back in Time. Now they have added two more titles to their summer must-play list. Pan Am takes players back to a time when air travel was particularly glamorous. Two to four players compete against each other - and against the mighty Pan Am - to expand their aviation empires to all corners of the world, claim landing rights, increase inventory levels and build airports. Think of it as a combination of risk and power grid. If you're more into pounding than strategy, you can play Godzilla: Tokyo Clash as King of the Monsters or as a challenger on his throne: Mothra, Megalon and King Ghidorah. All four Kaiju - which are based on their classic appearances in creature features produced by Toho - are at large in Tokyo and are thrown out with all tanks, buildings and tankers within easy reach. Let's get ready for the Ruuuumble! - E.A.
Godzilla: Tokyo Clash is available from GameFly. Pan Am is available from Target. Back to the future: Back in Time is available from Amazon.
HEAR IT: Ray LaMontagne remains true to his vision
For his eighth studio album, the Grammy-awarded singer-songwriter not only writes and produces, also takes on technical tasks and plays all instruments on all 10 tracks. Monovision's first two singles, "Strong Enough" and "We'll Make It Through", show the one-man band at its peak. - L.P.
Download / stream Monovision on Apple Music.
BUY IT: A new line of Bluey toys will keep your little kids from feeling blue this summer
(Photo: moose toys)
The gentle cartoon series Bluey, which is already a hit in her native Australia, has made a big boom in the United States after her arrival at Disney + and Disney Junior. And now Moose Toys, in collaboration with BBC Studios, is here to meet your toy needs for the Bluey fan under 10 near you. The new Moose product line includes mini and jumbo plush versions of the Blue Heeler puppy, collectible figures with matching accessories and mini play sets as well as child-friendly games. - E.A.
Bluey toys are available from Target.
- Video produced by Gisselle Bances

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