‘The Last of Us Part 2': How to Easily Open Any Safe Without the Combination

(This post does not contain any spoilers for "The Last of Us Part 2")
The Last of Us Part 2, the sequel to Naughty Dog's beloved PlayStation 3 game, is very, very long. It's about twice as long as the first game, which felt quite long given the depressive tone. So if you keep getting on, you may be a bit overwhelmed, like browsing every place where you collect collectibles and produce resources. Or try to find the combination of one of the many safes you will find on your trip.
Do not be afraid, because at least we can help you with the last thing. Safes often contain the most important loot in "The Last of Us Part 2", like new weapons or skill books. So it's pretty important to open everyone you find. The good news, however, is that you don't have to look around for the combination unless you want to open every drawer or search every dark corner.
There's a surprisingly quick and easy way to unlock every safe you come across. You don't have to find the combination or anything like that. You just have to be able to hear the game pretty well.
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The trick here is basically the same as in safecrackers in movies, where you put your ear against the safe while turning the button. Except you don't have to go that far in "The Last of Us Part 2". Here's the key: every time you change the number in the combination, the safe clicks. When you have reached the correct number, a clearer and louder click will appear.
This may sound boring, but it is so different that you can scroll through the numbers very quickly and still hear it without any major problems. You shouldn't be driving too fast, but you should be able to turn the knob fast enough so that you can open any safe in less than a minute. This is almost certainly faster than looking around for the combination.
If you are hearing impaired or for some reason only need to play softly, this method may not work for you.
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Fortunately, hunting for safe combinations is usually not a major inconvenience. But sometimes you just don't want to clean up anymore. And in such situations, you should try this if you are able to do it. Trust me, it's worth saving a few minutes in a game whenever you can, as long as "The Last of Us Part 2" is.
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