The Latest: Delta barely a hurricane, weakens moving inland

NEW ORLEANS (AP) - The latest on Hurricane Delta (all times CDT):
9.45 p.m.
Forecasters say the Delta will hardly remain a hurricane with sustained peak winds of 120 km / h.
The National Hurricane Center in Miami said Delta was moving further inland over southwest Louisiana as a Category 1 weak hurricane. Approaching 10 p.m. Friday the storm was about 110 kilometers northeast of Cameron, Louisiana. It moves at 24 km / h in a north-northeast direction.
It is expected that the storm will continue to abate rapidly in the coming hours and be downgraded to a tropical storm.
It is expected to continue over central and northern Louisiana in the coming hours. After that, the system will move across the northern Mississippi to the Tennessee Valley.
9:30 p.m.
The hurricane delta broke through parts of the Acadiana region of Louisiana - a unique part of the state named after the French emigrants who were evicted from Nova Scotia hundreds of years ago and eventually settled in southern Louisiana.
In this region, food is important - even during a hurricane.
That was evident when KLFY television reporter Gerald Gruenig covered the storm on Friday night. Gruenig hosts a weekly segment called Acadiana Eats. He interviewed a man who drove in the town of Abbeville about the weather when the conversation turned to food.
"Are you going to cook tonight?" Asked Grünig.
"I have a fresh rabbit," replied the man before driving off with Gruenig and calling after him to be careful.
"This is what a hurricane smells like, roux," said Gruenig, referring to the savory fat and flour sauce popular in the region.
____ ____
21 clock
Delta winds and rain also hit the town of Lafayette, Louisiana, further east of where the hurricane landed, and one homeowner described it as "pretty scary."
Jeanne-Marie Gove could hear debris beating against her front door and patio gate and opening. She lives in an apartment in Lafayette, about 120 kilometers east of Lake Charles, closer to the center of the hurricane.
The National Hurricane Center announced that strong winds were spreading in inland Louisiana at 9 p.m. CDT Friday as Delta still had top sustained winds of 80 miles per hour (128 km / h).
"The wind is far worse than what Hurricane Laura brought," Gove said in a message on Twitter, referring to the storm that hit southwest Louisiana six weeks ago. The roof of a trailer in the RV park behind Gove's apartment was torn off and thrown down the sidewalk. The power was off for many residents.
Around 400,000 customers have now been reported without power in Louisiana and southeast Texas.
8.15 p.m.
Hurricane Delta continues inland as high winds continue to hit the southwest coast of Louisiana.
The National Hurricane Center in Miami said Delta was centered at 8 p.m. CDT about 35 kilometers east-northeast of Lake Charles, the capital of the region. Maximum sustained winds have dropped to 140 km / h, and forecasters say the Delta is likely to weaken into a tropical storm in the coming hours as it goes deeper south.
The Hurricane Center warns that heavy rainfall will pose a threat in parts of Louisiana through Saturday if the storm crosses the state. It is said that this could lead to major river floods. Further flooding is possible elsewhere on the central Gulf Coast and the lower Mississippi Valley this weekend.
____ ____
7:50 pm
LAKE CHARLES, La. - The mayor of Lake Charles, southwest Louisiana, says tarps put up to protect buildings damaged by Hurricane Laura six weeks ago are now taking off in the high winds of the Hurricane Delta.
Mayor Nic Hunter said The Associated Press plans were being ripped off their roofs. He was huddled in a safe place in downtown Lake Charles.
"Tarps are being blown all over town," Hunter said on the phone after Delta landed as a Category 2 hurricane Friday night.
He added, "I'm currently in a building with a tarpaulin on it and only the sound of the tarpaulin flapping on the building is like someone hitting the building with a sledgehammer. It's pretty intense."
He said piles of unsecured debris are also tossed around by Laura in Delta's high winds. He said some of the debris was moving in the streets and floating in the water.
____ ____
7.45 p.m.
LAKE ARTHUR, La. The winds in the Hurricane Delta are so strong they are peeling off shingles from L'Banca Albergo Hotel, an eight-room boutique hotel in the town of Lake Arthur, Louisiana.
"I probably don't have a stone left on top of this hotel," said owner Roberta Palermo. She said the power went out and across the street she could see bits of metal coming from the roof of a 100-year-old building. Unsecured trash cans flew around the streets.
Palermo is a longtime Louisiana resident who grew up dealing with hurricanes. "It's been a long time since I've ridden one out. I don't think I've ever been in one," she said. "I think my building is pretty safe, but it's definitely intense."
One of her guests was Johnny Weaver, a meteorology student at San Francisco State University. Living at home in Tampa, Florida while studying online, he decided to travel to the area to see and study the storm firsthand.
"There are a lot of power lines everywhere, in certain places there is ... really deep water," he said from the hotel porch, adding, "There are only shingles flying everywhere."
19:30 o'clock
GALVESTON, Texas - The effects of the Hurricane Delta were felt as far as Galveston, Texas, where gusts of wind crashed two homes under construction.
Galvestan is approximately 100 miles from the Delta Landing on the southwestern coast of Louisiana.
A spokeswoman for Sullivan Brothers Builders told The (Galveston) Daily News that the houses were in the early stages and had no reinforcements for storm construction. Elizabeth Rogers-Alvarado said there were no injuries.
Trees and signs were overturned in the area.
And the beach dunes, which were flattened by Hurricane Laura and Tropical Storm Beta last month in August, sent storm surges beneath the elevated beach houses in Galveston's West End. Thousands of customers have lost electricity and Centerpoint Energy estimates many will stay black until after midnight.
Large waves and currents caused officials to close some beaches in Texas as far as Corpus Christi and the mouth of the Rio Grande. Padre Island's beaches remained open.
____ ____
19 o'clock
The hurricane delta weakened to a Category 1 storm as it moved inland along the southwest coast of Louisiana.
Delta landed as a Category 2 storm around 6 p.m. Friday near Creole with peak winds of 155 km / h. An hour later the wind speed had dropped to 145 km / h.
The storm was about 40 kilometers west-southwest of Jennings town and moving north-northeast at 22 km / h.
Delta blew ashore in an area where the devastation from Hurricane Laura, which caused at least 27 deaths in late August, is widely visible.
6 p.m.
Hurricane Delta landed in southwest Louisiana as a Category 2 storm.
The center of the storm landed at 6 p.m. Friday near Creole with peak winds of 155 km / h.
Delta blew ashore in an area where the devastation from Hurricane Laura, which caused at least 27 deaths in late August, is widely visible. Piles of wreckage could fly and many houses were not repaired, only blue tarpaulins on the roofs could withstand the fury of another hurricane.
Delta is the 10th named storm to hit the continental United States this year, breaking a centuries-old record.
__ __
The point above has been updated to correct that the Delta’s maximum winds on landing were 100 mph.
4 p.m.
MIAMI - Forecasters expect the hurricane delta to land in southwest Louisiana in the next few hours.
The National Hurricane Center in Miami announced in its last consultative Friday that Delta is about 55 kilometers south of Cameron, Louisiana and moving north-northeast at 22 km / h. The Category 2 hurricane has maximum sustained winds of 165 km / h.
The Hurricane Center expects Delta to continue on the same path through Saturday morning and then move northeast. The center says that some weakening is possible before landing, with weakening rapidly after landing.
1 p.m.
MIAMI - Forecasters say the hurricane delta has continued to weaken and is now a strong Category 2 storm.
In its latest update on Friday afternoon, the National Hurricane Center announced that Delta has winds of 175 km / h. Forecasters have announced the weakening trend will continue until Delta lands on the US Gulf Coast, but warn that it remains a dangerous storm.
Delta is expected to land on Friday evening and could hit the same area of ​​southwest Louisiana as Hurricane Laura in late August.
Delta is about 130 kilometers south-southwest of Cameron, Louisiana, according to the Hurricane Center.
11:10 a.m.
WASHINGTON - President Donald Trump says the Federal Emergency Management Agency is prepared for the Hurricane Delta to approach the U.S. Gulf Coast.
Trump tweeted Friday that he had been briefed on Delta and said FEMA was "there and ready !!!"
Delta is expected to land on Friday evening and could hit the same area of ​​southwest Louisiana as Hurricane Laura in late August.
In its last recommendation late Friday morning, the National Hurricane Center says the Delta is about 130 miles south-southwest of Cameron, Louisiana. The storm had winds of 185 km / h, making it a Category 3 hurricane.
10:15 am
MIAMI - Forecasters say the hurricane delta has weakened slightly but remains a Category 3 storm.
On Friday morning, Delta had maximum sustained winds of 185 km / h, compared to 195 km / h a few hours earlier. The National Hurricane Center in Miami says the hurricane is expected to continue a weaker trend until it lands on the U.S. Gulf Coast, but is still a dangerous storm.
Delta is expected to land on Friday evening and could hit the same area as Hurricane Laura in late August.
In its most recent recommendation, the Hurricane Center says the Delta is about 205 kilometers south-southwest of Cameron, Louisiana. It moves north at 20 km / h.
10 am.
LAKE CHARLES, La. - The remains of Hurricane Laura are everywhere in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Blue tarpaulins cover roofs all over the city.
Neat piles of trash are lined up on every street to show how much has been cleaned after Laura.
Mattresses and box spring beds, air conditioning ducts, vinyl side walls and cut tree trunks and branches are stacked on the curbs.
But officials feared everything could turn into projectiles once the hurricane delta winds rise. Delta is expected to land on late Friday and could strike in the same area as Laura on August 27th.
As early as Friday morning, it continued to rain and water was collecting in many of the debris-lined streets in Lake Charles - hours before Delta's arrival.
9:15 a.m.
A hurricane researcher says when Delta lands, it will be a record-breaking storm by the tenth name that hits the continental United States this year.
Phil Klotzbach of Colorado State University says he will break a record of nine named storms set in 1916. This year's cast includes Bertha, Cristobal, Fay, Hanna, Isaiah, Laura, Marco, Sally and Beta.
Delta will also be the fifth hurricane to hit the continental United States this year. The last time was in 2005.
Delta is the youngest and worst in the recent tide of rapidly worsening Atlantic hurricanes, largely attributed to global warming by scientists.
According to Klotzbach, Delta will also be the first hurricane named after the Greek alphabet to hit the continental United States. Beta was a tropical storm when it landed earlier this year.
____ ____
7:45 o clock
Forecasters say tropical storm winds are now near the Louisiana coast as the Hurricane Delta weighs on the region.
The National Hurricane Center said the center of the storm was about 150 miles south of Cameron, Louisiana, early Friday - and its tropical storm winds extend outward for the same distance.
Delta is expected to bring violent winds and a life-threatening storm surge to much of the Louisiana Gulf Coast when it hits the coast later on Friday.
In its 7 o'clock recommendation, the Hurricane Center says Delta has maintained its maximum sustained winds of around 193 km / h. This is an extremely dangerous Category 3 hurricane. Forecasters expect it to get weaker before landing, but they say it is such a large storm that the gush of water could be very damaging.
4 am
MIAMI - Hurricane conditions and life-threatening storm surges are forecast for southwest Louisiana when the hurricane delta lands, which is expected Friday night.
The National Hurricane Center's 4 o'clock recommendation states that the system is approximately 325 kilometers south of Cameron, Louisiana with maximum sustained winds of 193 km / h.
Delta is moving north at 19 km / h. It's a Category 3 hurricane, but forecasters expect a slow weakening as the Delta approaches the Gulf Coast. Furthermore, a more rapid weakening is expected after the system moves inland.
1 am
A hurricane warning, a storm surge warning, and a tropical storm warning apply to Hurricane Delta, a major hurricane that rotates towards the US Gulf Coast.
The National Hurricane Center reported on a 1 a.m. notice that the Delta is centered 400 kilometers south of Cameron, Louisiana and has maximum sustained winds of 195 km / h.
The hurricane warning extends from High Island, Texas to Morgan City, Louisiana. The Category 3 system could strengthen slightly overnight before it approaches the coast, forecasters say.
A storm surge of up to 3.4 meters is forecast for some areas. Delta is expected to land later on Friday.
The tropical storm warnings stretch west from High Island to Sargent, Texas, and east from Morgan City to the mouth of the Pearl River. Lake Pontchartrain and Lake Maurepas are also exposed to a tropical storm warning.

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