The Latest: Police: 2 dead, 7 wounded in N Carolina shooting

- 2 dead and 7 wounded left in North Carolina shooting
- Seattle police say a person was injured in the second shoot in less than 48 hours
- NYC official suspended without pay for "obvious chokehold".
- Spanish mission statue overturned by demonstrators in Los Angeles.
- Destroyed George Baltimore monument in Baltimore.
CHARLOTTE, NC - North Carolina authorities say two people were killed and seven others injured in a spontaneous block party shootout.
Charlotte Mecklenburg's deputy chief of police, Johnny Jennings, told reporters early Monday that the shootout took place around midnight at a block party that was a continuation of the June 19 celebrations. Jennings said the police found hundreds of people on the streets after a pedestrian call.
After the authorities arrived, several shots were fired and the crowd dispersed. Jennings said five people were hit by cars when they ran away from the shootout. He said there were references to multiple shooters.
Further details were not immediately available.
SEATTLE - Seattle police say a person was wounded in the second shootout in the Seattle protest zone in less than 48 hours.
The shootout took place late Sunday evening near downtown Seattle, known as CHOP, for "Capitol Hill Occupied Protest". Police tweeted that a person with a gunshot wound was in a hospital. A hospital spokesman says the person is in serious condition.
A 19-year-old man had died and another person was seriously injured in a shooting before dawn on Saturday. No arrests had been made to this shootout until Sunday.
The CHOP zone is a multi-block area that was blocked off by demonstrators near a police station in Capitol Hill. This emerged after weeks of protests in the city against police brutality and racism triggered by the police in Minneapolis when Black George Floyd was murdered.
NEW YORK - A New York police officer was suspended without payment on Sunday after it was recorded that he had put his arm around a man's neck, which the police commissioner described as an "obvious stranglehold".
The department's action to suspend the officer was breathtaking in its swiftness and occurred just hours after the morning confrontation on a boardwalk in the Rockaway section of Queens.
A video recorded by one of the men involved showed a group of officers who attacked a black man. One of them put his arm around his neck when he was lying face down on the promenade.
In the video, someone shouts: "Stop choking him, brother!" The officer relaxes his grip after a fellow officer knocks on him and puts on his shirt.
It was unclear whether the man who was attacked suffered more than superficial injuries. He got up on his own after getting up from the floor and refused to be examined by medical professionals after the incident.
The NYPD has long banned chokeholds. Their use has been particularly problematic since Eric Garner's death in 2014, after an official put him in a stranglehold when he tried to arrest him.
Governor Andrew Cuomo recently signed a comprehensive package of police accountability measures, including a ban on chokeholds following protests against George Floyd's murder.
GARDENA, California - Two Democratic lawmakers on Sunday asked the California Attorney General to investigate a young man's fatal execution by a Los Angeles County Sheriff's MP. MPs Maxine Waters and Nanette Diaz Barragán said in a statement that an independent investigation into the death of 18-year-old Andres Guardado was required so that the public could trust the results.
Messages requesting comment were sent to the Los Angeles County Attorney General and Sheriff's Department. Guardado was shot dead Thursday after MPs from the Los Angeles County Sheriff discovered him with a gun in front of a shop near Gardena. Several hundred people gathered on Sunday to protest the shootout.
NEW YORK - The American Natural History Museum will remove a prominent statue of Theodore Roosevelt from its entrance after years of objections that symbolize colonial expansion and racial discrimination, said Mayor Bill de Blasio on Sunday.
The bronze statue, which has stood at the entrance to the Central Park West of the museum since 1940, shows Roosevelt on horseback with an Indian and an African beside the horse.
"The American Museum of Natural History has asked to remove Theodore Roosevelt's statue because it expressly depicts the black and indigenous peoples as subjugated and racially inferior," said de Blasio in a written statement. “The city supports the request of the museum. It is the right decision and the right time to remove this problematic statue. "
The president of the museum, Ellen Futter, told the New York Times that "the museum community has been deeply moved by the growing racial justice movement that emerged after George Floyd's murder."
SEATTLE - Seattle police continued their investigation into a weekend shoot at a park in the city's protest zone on Sunday, in which a 19-year-old man was killed and another person seriously injured.
No arrests were made.
An "active and ongoing" investigation of the shootout, which took place on Saturday around 2:30 a.m. in an area known as CHOP near downtown for the "Capitol Hill Occupied Protest" zone, was underway, said Detective Mark Jamieson. The suspect (s) fled the scene and the police asked the public for information that could identify them.
The zone developed after weeks of protests in the city against police brutality and racism after the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis.
Officials who responded to the shootout said they had trouble being there because "they were hit by a violent crowd that prevented officials from safely accessing the victims," ​​a police blog said.
The video released later Saturday by the police shows officers arriving at the protest zone saying that they want to get to the victim and enter while the people yell at them that the victim has already disappeared. Police have largely withdrawn from the zone following clashes with demonstrators, KIRO-TV reported.
Private vehicles took two men with gunshot wounds to the Harborview Medical Center, where the 19-year-old man died. A 33-year-old man, whose name was not released immediately, remained in critical condition on Sunday, hospital spokeswoman Susan Gregg told KOMO-TV.
ROME - Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte says Italy is watching closely and concernedly how protests against Black Lives Matter are taking place in American cities, especially when the US is dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.
At a press conference on Sunday, Conte was asked to comment on the murder of George Floyd by a white policeman and the protests that followed.
Conte said the protests "touched the nerve of racial discrimination in American society" while reflecting issues of inequality, suffering, and marginalization among certain facets of the population.
He said violent protests were "never allowed" and Italy respected the internal affairs of its long-time ally. But he said Italy was "watching closely and with concern what is happening in the United States at a time when our American friends are dealing with a pandemic that causes so many victims". Italy has had a handful of peaceful rallies in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.

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