The Latest Woke Demand – Stop Teaching Black Students Standard English

If we have learned something this year, everything can be described as "racist". One of the things that fit this description is teaching in standard English. Allegedly this is demeaning for black students and lowers their self-esteem. The College Composition and Communication Conference (a member of the National Council of English Teachers) has issued a call for teachers and professors to stop doing this.
One academic who thinks this is a bad move is Matthew Stewart of Boston University. In today's Martin Center article, he explains his position.
Regarding the demand, Stewart writes, “In a language that refers to old Dixie rather than the 2020 classroom, the CCCC statement portrays American schools as places where black children encounter only disrespect in English class. Language teaching as practiced now is supposed to "try to destroy black language + black life". Therefore, educators are called to participate in a "political process that must inherently challenge institutions such as schools, whose foundations are based on racism against blacks."
Many English teachers will no doubt be devastated to hear that they were involved in the "annihilation" of black life and language as they correct papers for grammatical errors.
This wild exercise in the virtue sign will make many “progressives” feel good, but will it do anything for the students? Stewart does not think, “Black English proponents have made similar proposals in the recent past. The controversial Ebonics movement of the 1990s (a purpose-built mix of ebony and phonics) arose out of the same basic assumptions as the CCCC Declaration, which inevitably brings up the same counter-arguments heard by Ebonics proponents. The main criticism comes to mind: Students who do not study standard English will be at a disadvantage when they leave their classrooms. "
I am sure that the "progressives" will then solve this problem by demanding that employers no longer care about how well potential employees speak English.
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