The Low-Maintenance Haircut Everyone Is Trying Because of French Girls

Twenty twenty heralds many surprising beauty trends that we never thought we would see again. Things like the vibrant blue eyeshadow of the 90s and the equally nostalgic hair claws that celebrities love have returned triumphantly, and we'd like to add more to the list: the shag haircut. The retro cut, popular in the 1970s, not only returns - it has completely arrived.
While everyone, from celebrities to models to influencers, has recently opted for the cut, we would like to point out that French girls have been cautiously perfecting the tousled, effortless look for some time now, with bangs and long layers being the hallmark of many Parisian hairstyles.
Regardless of whether you're inspired by the retro shags or the modern iterations, one thing is clear: less is definitely more when it comes to keeping those cuts. This could be a reason why they are becoming more popular. Who doesn't want to look cool with minimal effort?
To make sure we didn't hallucinate, we interviewed the experts who agreed that they also saw the revival of this iconic cut. According to well-known hairdresser Rebekah Forecast, shags are the natural evolution after all the bobs and lobs we've seen in the past few seasons, and it's not difficult to make the transition. Just wax your bob out a bit and add layers, she advises. Patrick Wilson, another hairdresser with a list of clients on the A list, says that he loves that this cut is very easy to maintain and that more and more people are adopting their natural texture, we will only see more of it. "With customers isolated, they are really thinking about changes, and once these hair salons reopen, I expect people will be ready to redesign," Wilson said. "At the moment, women are bored with their hair and even try to cut their bangs at home. My personal advice has always been to wait and let the professionals do it."
We could no longer agree, which is why we highlight the simple, low-maintenance cut, for which we have to thank the 70s and our French friends. To see all of the celebrity and fashion girl shag hairstyles that are triggering this trend, just keep scrolling and taking a screenshot of your favorites to show your stylist on your next hair appointment.
French girls
Lou Doillon's mop of messy waves is as effortless as they come, and as more and more people adopt their own natural texture, this 70s style really works.
The good thing about this haircut, according to Wilson, is that it works for just about everyone, regardless of the length, fullness, or texture of their hair. Take Claire's curls, for example, which have this shaggy look thanks to the longer pieces that are closer and the shorter layers cut at the top.
Less is definitely more when it comes to the shag, says Wilson. Keep the styling simple: wash and dry the hair with a towel, prepare it with a thickening spray on the roots, and apply a light cream through the ends.
It's about achieving that effortless, slightly messy effect that looks like you could have just rolled out of bed, but it works.
Forecast recommends freshening up your rag or bob with fringed bangs, and we're fans of Anne-Laure's light curtain bang.
The longer layers that frame Leia's face make her nod to the trendy shag.
About celebrities
Alexa Chung may be from the UK, but her modern, full-length shag haircut undoubtedly feels French.
Zendaya proves how cool a mop made of shaggy curls can look.
If straightforward bangs aren't your thing, consider curtain bangs like Chloë Grace Moretz.
Halle Berry has perfected this cut over the years, but this special version with wispy, side-swept bangs may be our favorite.
Call to all pixie cuts! With a few fringed pieces framing the face, we would definitely classify Zoë Kravitz's Pixie Cut as a shag.
Jennifer Aniston's blown-out shag with curled ends is the epitome of the 90s.
It's no wonder that Miley Cyrus can pull off a mullet-style shag like no other. Her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, invented the mullet.
Why, yes, there are pin straight shags, thanks for asking. While a straight shag doesn't seem intuitive, the Kerry Washington look says otherwise. It's all in the slightly jagged cut of her bangs and the long layers that frame her face.
With its lumpy appearance, Jane Fonda's acronym falls into the shag range.
Karlie Kloss took a more subtle approach and had the stylist Rebekah Forecast add some light layers to give her long bob that retro look.
We thank the 90s for J.Los A + Shag with its long layers and side bangs.
But here in 2020, Lopez hugs her natural curls and reminds us why this cut is a great, low-maintenance option.
Just because Chung is the unofficial queen of the shag haircut is another attitude here.
On Instagram
This look currently combines many trendy hairstyles - mullet, baby bangs, pixie cuts - and somehow just works.
To get a similar look, ask your stylist to add some light layers and fringes.
Mica's curls bring the 70s-inspired atmosphere of the shag home.
Alyssa, along with many other stylish New York women, hires Erickson Arrunategui, a hairdresser at Bumble and Bumble, to create the perfect modern shag cut.
Another Arrunategui customer, Maria, described him as the king of the curly shag. Because of their retro-inspired waves, we couldn't agree anymore.
Here Hannah opted for fringed bangs that went right around the frontal bone.
As you can see by now, more and more fashion girls are trying out different variations of the cut.
Xenia's modern shag plays well with her ice blonde color - another big hair trend that we're seeing.
How to style it
The hairdresser Rebekah Forecast explains that the styling products you use really depend on the texture and needs of your hair, but recommends choosing the following products in the order of their application.
Step 1: anti-frizz care
Kerastase Fluidissime Complete Anti-Frizz Care ($ 26)
Step 2: thermal styling protection
Oribe Royal Blowout Heat Styling Spray ($ 22)
Step 3: thickening spray
Bumble and Bumble thickening spray ($ 30)
Step 4: volume cream
Sachajuan volume cream ($ 29)
Step 5: blowdry
GHD Air Professional Performance Hair Dryer ($ 199)
Step 6: diffuse
Drybar the bouncer diffuser ($ 34)
If you have a natural wave pattern, hairdresser Patrick Wilson says that you should turn your hair upside down and encourage movement by using a diffuser at the roots to create an undissolved texture.
As we look at the beauty of French girls, the French beauty capsule contains 15 items you should try in your life.
This post was previously published and has been updated since then.
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