The majority of Americans say this is the lowest point in US history since they can remember, according to new survey

A man sees an upside-down US flag in the Seattle Police Departments that cleared East Precinct during ongoing Black Lives Matter events in the Capitol Hill Organized Protest area on June 14, 2020 in Seattle, Washington.
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According to a new report from the American Psychological Association, more than 70 percent of Americans believe that this is the lowest point in US history that they can remember.
The report cites two surveys, one that asked participants about the coronavirus pandemic, and another that asked about the ongoing unrest caused by the death of George Floyd.
In the unrest survey, 83% said the nation's future is a major source of stress.
The Black Lives Matter movement is also coming when the United States experiences the worst public health crisis in generations with more than 2 million coronavirus infections and 121,407 deaths.
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While the U.S. continues to fight the coronavirus pandemic while experiencing a period of civil unrest, a majority of Americans believe that, according to new research, the country is at its lowest point in the history of living memory.
According to two nationally representative surveys cited in a report by the American Psychological Association entitled "Stress in America," 83% of respondents say the nation's future is a major source of stress.
Both surveys were conducted by the Harris Survey and were conducted between May 21st and June 3rd. The first survey polled 3,013 people and focused on the coronavirus pandemic. In comparison, the second survey included 2,058 people and looked at the unrest caused by the death of George Floyd by the Minneapolis police last month.
In the riot survey, 72% of respondents said this was the lowest point in US history they can remember. Another 71% said police brutality against black Americans and minorities was also a source of stress for them - a jump of 42% in early May.
The Black Lives Matter movement comes when the US sees its worst public health crisis in generations. With more than 2 million coronavirus infections and 121,407 deaths, it is one of the worst affected countries in the world.
The crisis also shows no signs of slowing down: new cases have reached record highs in several US states this week, including Arizona, Florida, Oklahoma, Oregon and Texas, the Guardian said.
In Tulsa, Oklahoma, residents and health officials fear that cases will continue to increase as President Donald Trump will hold his first rally there since March on Saturday, which many believe could become a very widespread event.
According to the coronavirus survey in the report, 78% said the pandemic was a major source of stress. 66% of respondents blame the government for dealing with the pandemic.
The country's economy has also suffered a significant slump since the health crisis began. This week alone, according to the Washington Post, another 1.5 million people applied for unemployment benefits, though most states are reopening their economies.
President Trump's response to the corona virus and ongoing protests against Black Lives Matter have also attracted worldwide attention. Several European cities, including London and Paris, have held their version of demonstrations against racism and police brutality.
In a Gallup poll released earlier this week, only 42% of US adults said they were "extremely proud to be American" - the lowest since the poll started in 2001.
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