The Masters golf tournament is haunted by the petty specter of a pimento cheese sandwich

One of Augusta National's famous allspice and cheese sandwiches that rests on a green shell
Ah, the masters! The famous tournament where the world's best golfers flock to Augusta, Georgia to compete for a chic little green jacket. (Can you say I don't watch golf?) This year's tournament took place last weekend - and to mark the occasion, Atlas Obscura released a fascinating piece entitled "The Sandwich Scandal in the Heart of the World's Greatest Golf Event".
The story of intrigue, deception and allspice cheese, written by Luke Fater, revolves around the tournament's "behind-the-scenes dedication to aesthetic perfection". This dedication also applies to golf snacks - especially the golf club's original allspice and cheese sandwich. As a reminder: Allspice cheese is a sticky, spreadable creation that combines sweet allspice peppers with cheese, mayonnaise and spices. It's also one of the most famous and controversial dishes in the sports world, as reported by Fater.
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Fater's article references Nick Rangos, the tournament's long-time allspice cheese supplier, who brought his secret recipe to the grounds every April for 45 years. When the Masters decided not to renew his contract after decades of service, Rangos did not take the news well. He refused to share his signature recipe with his successor, Ted Godfrey, who ran a franchise for a regional fried chicken chain called - oh yeah - WifeSaver.
According to reports, Godfrey spent months trying to recreate the recipe. "I can't tell you how many $ 35 boxes of cheese we've been through," Godfrey told ESPN. Eventually, a tournament worker revealed a frozen batch of Rangos' original spread so that Godfrey could reverse engineer the recipe and come up with a passable spread. Finally, in 2013 the Masters recorded all licenses internally. Godfrey was unemployed and then refused to share his recipe with the new in-house chefs. Anyway, the saga is weird and very funny, especially given the buttoned, private nature of the golf world. Read Luke Fater's full article here.

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