The Mercedes-Maybach S650 is the silliest car I've driven all year — but I can't argue with its incredible interior luxury

The Mercedes-Maybach S650 is full of expensive luxury extras. Matthew DeBord / Insider
I drove a $ 224,000 Mercedes-Maybach S650, a super-luxury sedan that was crammed with high-quality features.
The Bling is impressive and impressively expensive, but the Maybach is still a stretched S-Class.
A stretched S-Class with a 621 hp V12 engine.
The Maybach is pretty goofy, but there is no question that it offers a premium passenger experience.
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The Mercedes-Maybach S650, along with the Bentley Bentayga, is one of the two most annoying vehicles I have ever driven. The Bentayga is a massively overpriced Audi with a Bentley front end and engine, while the Maybach S650 is a massively overpriced S-Class Mercedes with a huge V12 engine and a gorgeous interior.
All in all, the Bentley remains the most cynical attempt to steal money from the well-heeled and brand-conscious buyers I've ever come across, while the Maybach is a tad more virtuous because it's just being silly. The Bentagya filled me with anger, while the Maybach just made me grin and shook my head at the chutzpah.
The Maybach treatment increases the price of the S-Class by over $ 25,000. You get a lot of luxury for the cost of a used A220. I experienced this firsthand when Mercedes loaned me a 2020 Maybach S650 which was priced at $ 224,125 from $ 202,550.
How did we get here? Well, Maybach was a standalone nameplate from the early 2000s to 2013, when a lack of affluent consumer interest led Mercedes parents to pull the plug. Maybach returned a few years ago, this time as a name similar to Mercedes-AMG, the automaker's high-performance sub-brand.
Despite the V12, I didn't find the Maybach S650 any more interesting to drive than other Mercedes, which I was generally impressed with. So I could wallow in the fallback dates that aim to bring the Maybach into a league with Bentley's sedans and Rolls-Royces street yachts.
Here's a rundown of all the bling:
As silly as I found the Mercedes-Maybach S650, the "designo" Manufaktur Deep Green color scheme was anything but. It was just beautiful. And $ 6,500.
Mercedes Maybach Matthew DeBord / Insider
Mercedes-Maybach is Haute-Luxe, what Mercedes-AMG is for high performance. This is an S-Class sedan expanded to sedan dimensions and increased all appointments to 11.
Mercedes Maybach Matthew DeBord / Insider
The S-Class is the flagship of the Mercedes sedan. I'm not sure what the Maybach is all about. Maybe a yacht? The designers did not hold back on the chrome trim.
Mercedes Maybach Matthew DeBord / Insider
The Maybach badge is not an exaggeration. The name comes from the early 20th century when the auto industry was full of small, reputable coachbuilders and custom car makers.
Mercedes Maybach Matthew DeBord / Insider
Founder Wilhelm Maybach was responsible for the development of the internal combustion engine and a key figure in the development of the automobile in Germany as well as for his contributions to aviation.
Mercedes Maybach Matthew DeBord / Insider
In contrast to other Mercedes, this Maybach receives exactly this name on the radiator grille cover and ...
Mercedes Maybach Matthew DeBord / Insider
... the tri-star hood ornament stands alone, minus the badge of other models.
Mercedes Maybach Matthew DeBord / Insider
These Maybach wheels are 20-inch, forged, and $ 3,900. You may also notice the V12 call.
Mercedes Maybach Matthew DeBord / Insider
Catch sight of! The mighty 12-banger! It's a two-turbocharged mill that puts out 621 horsepower with an astonishing 738 pound-feet of torque. The combined fuel economy between the city and the highway is 16 mpg, and power is transferred through a seven-speed automatic transmission. This is a powerful yet quiet engine.
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