The Miz Strips & Freaks Out About Returning To The WWE In Hilarious 'Miz & Mrs' Clip

Mike "The Miz" Mizanin had to prepare himself physically and mentally to return to the WWE ring in the latest episode of "Miz & Mrs." Despite being a veteran professional, the long absence was almost nerve-wracking.
In the episode, Mike is enjoying his last few days at home with his wife Maryse and daughters Madison and Monroe after his retirement from Dancing With The Stars. With that experience behind you, it's time to get back to work as the WWE Superstar everyone loves to hate, which means a total lifestyle change.
As well as regaining the weight he lost from training as a dancer, Mike needs to prepare to get back on the road, traveling and performing instead of sitting at home and spending as much family time as possible .
In a clip for the episode, he's doing something as simple as folding laundry with Maryse and Monroe when they start cheekily slapping clothes in his face. To prove he's ready for action, he starts playfully feuding with his superstar wife. However, she eventually overpowers him and gets his neck in a leg lock.
"Normally my head between Maryse's legs would turn me on, but I can see my life flashing before my eyes," he jokes.
Mental preparation isn't The Miz's only challenge. He also has to prepare his body to have thousands of eyes on it while standing in the ring. For him, that means a spray tan. He goes to a local salon with his pal Dolph Ziggler, who immediately pokes fun at his signature tanning thong.
"I don't know what the big deal with my tanning thong is. It's not like that, not a thing. It's one thing," Mike says in the clip.
But the tanning salon employee sees it differently. It turns out that most people walking in aren't exactly ready to don a cheek-revealing thong just for maximum coverage. However, most people don't wrestle in the WWE ring to make a living.
"Miz & Mrs" airs every Monday at 11pm. ET/PT on USA network.
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