The most dramatic solar eclipse in a decade will be visible this weekend

On June 21, a rare “ring of fire” will be visible in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. It will be the shortest and deepest solar eclipse in 2020, Travel + Leisure reports.
The "ring of fire" is a partial solar eclipse that occurs when a new moon is the most distant orbit from Earth and does not completely cover the sun. Basically it's the opposite of a "supermoon". The sun will be 99 percent covered (hence the name), almost like a total solar eclipse.
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Unlike other solar eclipses, however, it is expected to get dark before the "ring of fire" becomes visible. Experts also expect bizarre animal behavior that leads to this moment, and some points of light around the moon called Bailey's Pearls. This is also a special event because people may be able to observe the outermost atmosphere of the sun: the corona, which is normally not visible.
The "ring of fire" will be visible on Sunday June 21st at sunrise in the Republic of the Congo and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Then he will take a narrow path through Africa and Asia, where prepared observers can see the ring for a full minute at most.
A solar eclipse with "ring of fire" will be visible in North America in June 2021, a few weeks after the expected total lunar eclipse with "blood moon". Spectators in northern Ontario and northern Quebec can see it at sunrise.
A “ring of fire” can be dangerous and threaten blindness if the viewer is not properly equipped with eclipse glasses.
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The contribution The most dramatic solar eclipse in ten years will be shown for the first time this weekend on In The Know.

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