The Most Heartwarming Celebrity Pet Adoptions of 2020

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When we look back on this year, there isn't much room for those warm, fuzzy feelings we get when we remember the past year. 2020 may have brought all sorts of challenges (looking at you, coronavirus) but we reached out to our pets to put smiles on our faces and help us out. And pets didn't just make us normal people by 2020! Many of our favorite stars either adopted their first pet, opened their homes to care for animals in need, or added new faces to their furry family during the pandemic.
It's no secret that at Daily Paws we love animal shelters and emergency services and appreciate the hard but meaningful work they do, and we love to see celebrity animal lovers who share the love they have for their adopted dogs and cats to have. We've rounded up some of the heartwarming celebrity pet adoptions of 2020, including Orlando Bloom's foster pup helping him through his heartache after tragically losing his dog Mighty and Jon Hamm taking a chance on a dog who Has been returned to a shelter twice for his puppy energy.
We hope that pets will find loving homes long after the pandemic has ended. Until then, let's try to find the warm and fuzzy feelings we can bring up through these heartwarming stories this year.
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Orlando Bloom and Buddy
Over the summer, Bloom's beloved dog Mighty went missing. After a long, comprehensive search, the Pirates of the Caribbean confirmed on Instagram that his dog was "on the other side" of the Rainbow Bridge. Bloom filled the huge hole in his heart while helping needy animals by becoming Buddy the foster father for dogs. Bloom says the little white puppy is "an annual mix of something and something". We love this little bundle of lint and can't wait to see what comes next!
Jon Hamm and Splash
Rescue dog lover Jon Hamm added the adorable Splash to his home in September. Splash had previously been brought back to the shelter twice "for its puppy energy" before I Stand With My Pack, a California rescue organization, found the puppy to be the perfect "fairy tale" home with Mad Men star Jon Hamm. We don't know who is cuter in this snapshot from the rescue group's Instagram - the puppy or its proud new parent. Faint!
Jennifer Aniston and Lord Chesterfield
Check out this cutie who fell asleep with a bone in her mouth! We're a little jealous of Jennifer Aniston (even more than usual) for spending her time with the adorable Lord Chesterfield during the coronavirus pandemic. This adorable little squish was adopted by Wagmor Pets, a rescue organization located near Aniston's Los Angeles home. The Friends star posted a new pic of the two of them on Thanksgiving, and he's grown this big! We can't wait to see him grow up.
Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Nick Jonas and Panda
In August the Jonas family had already added a delightful mix of husky and Australian shepherd called Panda to their pack. This celebrity pet hands down wins the Most Piercing Eyes award. The duo were already proud dog parents of Gino, a German Shepherd, and Diana, who appears to be a Chihuahua mix. Her latest addition to her fur family came from Hollywood Huskies, a rescue group that keeps huskies and mixed huskies from abuse, neglect and high-kill shelters in California.
Julianne Moore and Hope
Julianne Moore and her husband Bart Freundlich have expanded their fur family again in 2020! Moore shared on Instagram that the family dog, a lab mix named Cherry, had passed away. After a year and a half of waiting, Moore applied for another pet from Gimme Shelter Animal Rescue to be adopted. She received a phone call informing her that her application was accepted and that the staff had found the perfect match. The turn? The puppy available was a different lab mix - also called Cherry. * Cue the tears. * Moore wrote on Instagram that the match "should be" and later changed the 12 week old puppy's name to Hope.
Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban and Louis
Dogs weren't the only ones getting adoption attention this year! Kitty companions have found their way into the homes and hearts of many of us, including self-proclaimed "cat person" Nicole Kidman. Kidman and husband Keith Urban have added a cute black and white rescue kitten named Louis to their furry family. This adorable tuxedo cat joins the family's other two feline siblings, Ginger and Snow, and the dog Jules.
Jonathan Van Ness and Pablo
While in Texas filming the new season of Queer Eye, JVN adopted Pablo from Austin Pets Alive! Animal shelter without killing. We were lucky enough to sit down with Van Ness in November to talk about the couple's trip together after their adoption. The pup joined the proud pet parents' four cats at home, but the transition from animal shelter to celebrity living with feline friends was not without its challenges. "I needed help and resources," JVN told Daily Paws. Luckily, JVN asked a behavioral expert for professional advice to help the puppy get used to his new environment. "Pablo is such a cute boy and we absolutely can, but he needs a little extra help." We know the wait is worth it ... and the work!
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Sarah Michelle Gellar, Freddie Prinze Jr., Kumi and Sato
Our favorite '90s movie stars Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. recently announced they have adopted two Akita puppies, Kumi and Sato. She apologized in advance for all the "doggie spam" but we say bring it up! These pups are adorable.
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A post by Sarah Michelle (@sarahmgellar)
Ava Phillippe and Benji
In one of the more tearful adoptions of the year, Ava Phillippe brought home her new pup, Benji, the same day her family (her mother is Reese Witherspoon) lost their French bulldog, Pepper, to cancer. Phillippe described the timing on Instagram as "a wild and bittersweet week" but says Benji "a dream of a rescue". Witherspoon introduced the other new puppy to the family, Minnie Pearl, a few weeks after Pepper's death.
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Sarah Paulson and Winnie
Actress Sarah Paulson made her pet parenting dreams come true this year by adopting Winnifred (Winnie for short). We can't get enough of those big ears! Don't miss out on Paulson's Winnie Wednesdays on Instagram where she features adorable new pics of Winnie living her best life. It's a far cry from the roles of the star in American Horror Story and American Crime Story, and we're totally here to overload the cuteness.
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Sophia Bush and Maggie
At the beginning of the pandemic, actress Sophia Bush started caring for two beautiful puppies, Maggie and Theo. In May, she announced that she had "made it official" with Maggie, who has a new brother in Bush's rescue pastie. You have to see this picture of Maggie driving in a sidecar while her new mom is biking her around! We are very happy for this sweet girl.
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A contribution by Sophia Bush (@sophiabush)
Have you adopted a new dog or cat this year? Send photos of your new fur baby to @DailyPaws to post them on our Instagram!
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