The new Ford Maverick's coolest feature is its highly versatile 'Flexbed' - here's how it works

2022 Ford Maverick. ford
The Ford Maverick 2022 is here.
It's a tiny $ 20,000 pickup truck with a very versatile bed that Ford calls Flexbed.
The Flexbed enables owners to build their own racks and storage solutions, power electronics and more.
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The sturdy Ford F-150 offers all sorts of interesting features such as a collapsible desk in the cabin, a fold-down workbench on the tailgate and the possibility of a mobile generator for operating tools.
Its new brother - the $ 20,000 Maverick unveiled this month - is significantly cheaper and smaller than the F-150, but it also has a lot of tricks up its sleeve. It's more geared towards casual urbanites looking for something small, efficient, and functional, while the F-150's add-ons are aimed at customers who need a sturdy work van.
The coolest feature of the Pipsqueak pickup is an extremely versatile bed called a flexbed. Here's what it can do.
DIY shelves and more
2022 Ford Maverick. ford
As the name suggests, the main selling point of the Flexbed is its flexibility. With leisure buyers and DIY enthusiasts in mind, Ford designed the bed so that it can be customized and adapted to the needs of the owner.
Ford built in a handful of pre-made threaded holes so owners can assemble whatever they want without drilling into the sheet metal. There are also multiple vertical and horizontal slots designed to fit snugly into dimensional pieces of wood for homemade shelves and storage dividers.
2022 Ford Maverick. ford
For example, by sliding some boards horizontally, buyers can create several separate storage areas. With a little more effort and expertise, handy Maverick owners can make their own bed-mounted luggage racks for bikes, kayaks, and other gear. Ford also added two lashing straps and four D-rings to help secure the cargo.
2022 Ford Maverick. ford
In the bed, Maverick shoppers will find a QR code that they can scan for ideas on how to use their Flexbed.
Electric power, but less than other Ford trucks
2022 Ford Maverick. ford
While the 2022 Maverick may not be able to power an owner's home like the electric F-150 Lightning, its Flexbed has a domestic power outlet for powering small power tools or tailgates.
Ford has installed a 12-volt access point behind a panel, to which owners can connect their own extra bed lights or other accessories. Usually people have to upgrade something like this by stealing power from the taillights.
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Multi-position tailgate
2022 Ford Maverick. ford
The Maverick's bed may only be 4.5 feet long, but that doesn't mean it can't carry larger items like full-size sheets of plywood. Folding down the tailgate extends the bed base to a standard six-foot size, but that's to be expected of any pickup truck.
2022 Ford Maverick. ford
By adjusting the suspension cables on the sides of the tailgate, owners can also bring the tailgate into a half-open position. This acts as a kind of built-in bed extension, allowing owners to more easily carry loads of different sizes and shapes. For example, owners can insert up to 18 4x8 sheets of three-quarter inch plywood by placing them over the semi-open tailgate and rear wheel arches.
Practical storage cubes
2022 Ford Maverick. ford
The Maverick has no storage space under the bed, but offers up to two small storage compartments depending on the equipment variant selected. The basic XL doesn't get one, the XLT gets one and the top class Lariat has two.
The storage compartments available aren't massive, but they seem helpful for things you might want to have on hand but don't want to hop around in bed, like a bike pump or bungee cords.
Low walls for easy access
2022 Ford Maverick. ford
A versatile pickup bed isn't worth much if people can't access it easily. Ford says it determined the truck's ride height and designed its loading areas so that "almost any adult can reach over and grab objects from the ground." It is also said that the bed was designed with women in mind with the fifth percentile in mind.
Pickups have gotten so big that even tall people sometimes need a stepladder to reach into bed, so this thought from Ford is nice to see.
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