The New Kendall by Kylie Cosmetics Collection Features Never-Before-Seen Products

It has been reported 466 times since we first reported the upcoming existence of a Kylie Cosmetics collaboration with Kylie Jenner's older sister Kendall Jenner. And as much as the fans were looking forward to the later - and for a long time indefinite - launch, nobody was as excited about the unveiling of the collection as Kylie herself was. After teasing a single product earlier this week, she spent Saturday evening, one take a comprehensive look at the products, many of which are completely new to the brand.
"I'm really excited to finally show you the Kendall Kylie collection we've been working on for so long," Kylie said in an Instagram Stories video, telling viewers that the stunning photos that were spilled over the packaging were recorded half a year ago. "I was so excited to finally be working with my sister. So yes, everything that was going on was pushed back a lot. So I'm very happy to finally show you."
As you can expect from every Kylie Cosmetics collection, there is a beautiful eyeshadow palette with 15 pressed powder shades in light and neutral shades that range from matt to super sparkling. Kylie also included a rosy, new high-gloss tone, which she calls "the favorite high-gloss I used".
Kylie Jenner / Instagram
Kylie Jenner / Instagram

What looked like a traditional Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit in the sneak peek that Kylie shared on June 18, she actually calls a Lip Blush Kit - a new version of signature sets. The shade, called sister sister, appears to be a liner and a semi-matte liquid lipstick in a neutral, dusty pink.
Kendall Jenner / Instagram
More novelty: a Kylight Stick, a Bronzer Stick and a Blush Stick. "I am very pleased that these cream sticks are being added to the Kylie Cosmetics family," says Kylie, revealing that shortly after the collaboration ends, further products will be launched as part of the core line. “Kendall saw how I worked on my samples and wanted them to be so much part of her collection. So these three colors are Kendall's perfect signature colors. If you feel that one of these colors doesn't suit your skin, I have a whole range of all three. "
Kendall Jenner / Instagram

Also new to the brand is Blotting Powder, which Kylie says is a matting cream-powder hybrid - and exactly what she and Kendall have needed recently. "Kendall is pretty oily. I just started getting oily. So I've been taking it with me for the past few months and it has been a lifesaver," says Kylie. "You could use the sponge, you could use a beauty blender, you could use your fingers. Sometimes I just like to use my fingers, but yes, the formula is really cool."
Kylie Jenner / Instagram

The end product is basically the opposite of dry powder: a new creation called Everything Everywhere Gloss. "This is also something that Kendall is in high demand," says Kylie. "You could put it on your eyes, on your cheeks, on your lips, pretty much anywhere you want. It's amazing."
Kylie Jenner / Instagram
After all these months you can finally mark your calendar: Kendall by Kylie Cosmetics starts on June 26th at
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