The New Stimulus Checks Will Go Out To Fewer People Based On Guidelines That Feel Cruel — & Discriminatory

After waiting for more government aid for most of the year during the pandemic, a second round of stimulus checks was finally approved. However, as with the first round of checks, only taxpayers and their dependents under the age of 17 are eligible to receive payment. This means that millions of inactive high school and college-aged dependents, as well as significant numbers of disabled adults and the elderly, will be excluded.
The new rulebook calls for full payments to go to people who have adjusted gross income of $ 75,000, those listed as heads of households up to $ 112,500, and married couples who collectively earned less than $ 150,000. As with the first review, all of this will be calculated based on 2019 tax returns. This means that it does not take into account the many people who lost their jobs and lost incomes this year as a result of the pandemic.
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Aside from the people who are not receiving the incentive for allegedly making too much money, millions of others will be non-discriminatory as it is due to circumstances beyond their control. Approximately 2.3 million people - such as high school students aged 17 and over - who are in the lowest income bracket are no longer eligible for the stimulus tests because they are claimed to be dependent on someone else's taxes. However, these people do not receive any money for these loved ones. In addition, approximately 13.5 million disabled adults who are dependent are not eligible for this allowance. However, the carers of disabled adult relatives also do not receive stimulus checks, as agreed by the politicians. Immigrants without a social security number also do not receive the money, as was the case with the first round of checks.
While some have argued that stimulus checks are not necessarily intended for those in need of help most, and that unemployment benefits will help these people, the pandemic supplemental unemployment income ended this summer. In addition, the usual unemployment income amounts are incredibly low at first. According to the U.S. Department of Labor in 2019, the average person receives an average of $ 378 per week in unemployment benefits. However, the amount varies from state to state and is often not enough to actually live well. To make matters worse, unemployment income does not reach many people deeply rooted in poverty - including disabled people, their carers, and people who are permanently unemployed.
It is particularly telling that prominent Democrats like Nancy Pelosi have come out in favor of rejecting smaller aid deals and pushing for bigger checks in order to eventually accept such a pathetic deal. Pelosi has already received its fair share of backlash, as have other members of Congress, but all of the memes about how ridiculous the stimulus-check crowd can't completely dispel the lingering anger.
What is most notable is the cruelty of how discriminatory the parameters of eligibility are - and how much money in them was earmarked for other independent projects - all of which are considered more important than people in America who are in dire need of more money to provide. During a pandemic that was devastating to many, but especially to disabled people - who both received little support and initially went broke when people thought only the immunocompromised and the elderly would be at risk - the stimulus-check situation has that Injury just offended.
However, the biggest violation for which politicians must be held accountable is that while the $ 600 is ridiculous and not everyone who needs the money will get this help in the first place, thousands of people have already died while waiting for it . That burden rests on them to shoulder their shoulders at the end of the day.
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