The next Nissan GT-R will reportedly be pure ICE

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A new report from Japan says the Nissan GT-R will be an all-internal combustion engine model. This is an unexpected turnaround as it was widely believed that the current generation, called the R35, would be superseded by some sort of electrified R36.
Instead, according to a Best Car report, the next GT-R will be a heavily revised version of the R35. It's a template many automakers turn to today when they want to keep offering a low volume performance model at a reasonable price - see Subaru BRZ, Dodge Charger, Lexus IS, and Nissan's own Z.
It had been reported that Kazutoshi Mizuno, the top engineer behind the GT-R, had developed a mild hybrid version of Godzilla as the R36. However, Mizuno withdrew from Nissan, which delayed the progress of this version. Still, the 2022 end of production of the R35 was considered a hard stop, so it seemed like there would be a hiatus where the GT-R skipped at least a model year before the R36 was ready.
According to Best Car, the R36 will now continue as a purely gasoline-powered car and will start where the R35 left off in early 2023. There won't be a void in the GT-R model years like the long absence between the R34 and R35.
The article also states that a GT-R might only be possible on gasoline due to Nissan's strong position in the sales of electric vehicles and e-power hybrids. Fuel savings and emissions savings on these fronts can help offset the GT-R and lower the average in fleet calculations.
Of course, if that's true, that doesn't mean the R36 will stay gasoline for long, especially if the generation lasts as long as the R35. We can expect continuous improvements, as Nissan has done with the current generation, and it is not far to expect electrification during their lifespan.
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