The No. 1 Sign You Shouldn't Buy That House, According to Realtors

Buying a home can be one of the most stressful experiences out there. A survey by found that the process of buying a home was notoriously deemed more stressful than filing for bankruptcy or getting divorce. And when you're below that level of stress, your decision-making skills can be affected, according to the Association for Psychological Science. Hence, it is important to understand the pitfalls that lie ahead of you in sizing real estate. But the truth is, the biggest red flag when buying a home isn't necessarily about foundation, plumbing, or electrical work. The first sign you shouldn't buy a home is if the seller or agent is not aware of the property's approval history. Read on to learn more, and if you have a fixer top on your hands, here are 50 easy DIY home hacks that will make your life better.
A permit history is like a testimonial from a property that lists all of the work that has been done on it. For example, if you don't see permits for an addition, new deck, or kitchen remodel, it means the work may not have been done for coding and therefore may be unsafe. If the seller or agent claims no permit history is required, they will try to prevent you from getting them out of town or they will show you an incomplete report that is missing major home renovations. Then you shouldn't buy the house.
In response to a buyer's question about permits, San Bruno, Calif. Realtor Ilene Crites wrote, "As a buyer, you must understand the status of the permits before closing the sale. This is an important disclosure the seller must make to you . Do you know that if he didn't show you that he had permits, most likely it was done without permission. "
She adds that buyers can go to the city or county planning department to look for permits themselves. However, if these cannot be set up, she would advise that you do not "keep selling until you tell you".
Put simply, Adam Aguilar, a real estate agent at Reliantra in West Toluca Lake, California, adds that everyone "should be concerned" in this situation.
Couple having advice with a real estate agent in a new home
Illegal labor is "the source of endless agony for buyers and agents alike," according to Million Acres. "People go through lawsuits, insurance nightmares, expensive repairs, fines, and demolitions of an entire section of a home - all because a previous owner did improper work on the home."
Not only is security an issue, you can be denied a mortgage without proof of authorization. "If the city doesn't recognize the improvements, you can't get a definitive title," Dina Miller of Florida valuation firm Dina Miller Associates told Million Acres. "For example, if you add an addition without proper approvals, the property will not match the city records. The bank will not issue loans with no match between the valuation and the city record."
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According to Business Insider, signs of shadowiness on the part of the seller should indicate they need to close a potential deal. "Regardless of whether it is paperwork from the seller or pressure from the agent, repulsive measures should be a red flag," they write.
While much of the advice on home buying has centered on the physical, when buying a home you often forget about the invisible problems that don't necessarily have an acceptable solution. And none can cause more headaches than illegal work.
"There are absolutely homeowners who will complain when they discover this type of discrepancy," explains Million Acres. "If the seller hasn't disclosed and the agent's inspector hasn't investigated the faulty [problem], the buyer may have a case." And to help you have more signs of the health of a home, whether it's yours or one you're looking to buy, here are 40 surprising signs that something is wrong with your home.

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