The officer accused of killing Rayshard Brooks was moved to a different jail over security concerns

Atlanta police officer Garrett Rolfe shot Rayshard Brooks on June 12 when the 27-year-old black man ran away in a Wendy parking lot.
Atlanta Police Department
The official accused of killing Rayshard Brooks was transferred from Fulton County prison to another prison for security reasons, according to CNN.
Official Garrett Rolfe faces 11 charges, including a crime murder charge, when Rayshard Brooks died.
Rolfe fatally shot Brooks in Wendy's parking lot last week, and his death has increased the reputation of police brutality across the country.
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Hours before the official accused of killing Rayshard Brooks was due to appear in court for security reasons.
Garrett Rolfe is charged with murder and ten other charges against Brooks' death. Rolfe fatally shot Brooks was shot dead on a Wendy crossing last week.
The death of the 27-year-old black man has angered people across the country to demand an end to police brutality and racism.
Rolfe reported on Thursday and will be held without a bond.
Rolfe has since been released from the Atlanta Police Department. He was in Fulton County prison and was transferred to another facility in Atlanta for security reasons, three law enforcement agencies told CNN.
According to the local Gwinnett Daily Post news agency, Rolfe was transferred from Fulton County prison to Gwinnett County prison.
The other officer involved in the shootout, Devin Brosnan, faces serious physical injury. According to the Gwinnett Daily Post, he was released on a signature loan. Brosnan was also taken on administrative leave by the Atlanta Police Department.
The officers were called to Wendy's on June 12. Brooks was shot and killed by an officer while fighting police officers, and the incident was captured by both surveillance and police cameras.
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Rayshard Brooks was a loving family man who believed that George Floyd's protests would move the needle of police brutality. Then he was shot by an Atlanta officer.
The official who shot Rayshard Brooks in Atlanta could be charged with "unreasonable" escalation for crime murder, the prosecutor says
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