The One Place You Really Shouldn't Go Now, Says Dr. Fauci

With more than 3,000 coronavirus-related deaths per day in America, the COVID surge is real and is expected to get worse. And now Christmas is here - and with it the possibility of a further increase in COVID. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation's leading infectious disease expert, doesn't want to be a "Grinch" and "cancel Christmas", but he urges you to face the reality: the coronavirus is spreading from person to person. Be with people - even Grandma - and someone can get sick and die or be weakened. Maybe someone you know.
Alternatively, you can prevent this. Read on to find out how - and to keep your health and the health of others safe, don't miss these safe signs you've already had with coronavirus.
The only place you really shouldn't go right now
Dr. Fauci urges you to begin by following some simple but effective public health measures, including "wearing uniform masks, avoiding close contact, keeping distances apart, avoiding gatherings with many people, especially indoors, and washing your hands as often as you can, "Fauci told Wolf Blitzer on CNN. "I know that everyone wants to go back to the time when Christmas was a situation where you could have many, many guests who would gather inside and have fun - the situation is different."
He made it clear what he was asking here. "Now we don't want to cancel Christmas. Whenever I talk about being careful, someone will say, 'Well, he wants to cancel Christmas.' I don't want to do that. I want people to be more careful. I want them to limit travel as much as possible. And when you gather together try with a limited number of people, preferably people in the same household or A few close people, who you know are also very careful, avoid the 20, 25 people in a house in a large area. "That's the only place you really shouldn't go now: indoors with lots of people that you do not seek protection from.
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Dr. Fauci now says "be careful" because there is a "light at the end of the tunnel".
Fauci calls this behavior "pretty risky" and if you can avoid it now, "we can do that now and get through this season, enjoy it as much as possible, but it won't be what it is a normal holiday season. During if we get through this, the light at the end of the tunnel is the vaccine. "
Fauci was self-administered the Moderna vaccine on Tuesday. The Pfizer vaccine is also available. The average Jane and Joe can get theirs by April, he promises.
“When we get into February, March, April, and the summer we'll reach a point where we're really getting closer to normal. And when we do, we'll be able to see some of the most cherished species of Sharing customs. " the things we love ... However, it is a difficult and very different situation [now]. So we're just asking people to just be prudent and careful. "
Stay home - or if not, do at least one risk assessment
Fauci had already announced in November that it would carry out a risk assessment before Thanksgiving, which can apply to Christmas. Fauci knows that it is tempting to have grandma or your best friend with you. “It's a natural reaction to say, now wait a minute. I know these people, you know, they're friends who come in,” he said on CBS's Face the Nation. "You tend to almost intuitively and instinctively let go of your guard. Now you don't want to say no one can come in, but you can have people who have their own protective pods. People who could quarantine themselves, who could get a test but generally where I would recommend them, and I do this every day - is telling families to take a moment to do what I call risk / benefit assessment. If I have someone in my house who is older, someone who has an underlying medical condition - do I really want to put that person at risk for someone who could innocently or accidentally infect them? Because we clearly know that people who have no symptoms So think for a moment, the risk now versus the vast range of what you can do. "Do this, and for your life as well." To protect the lives of others, don't go to any of these 35 places that are most likely to catch COVID.
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