The one stat that proves the Dolphins got their QB situation right

The Miami Dolphins' hotly debated quarterback move this season wasn't a factor that pushed the Dolphins out of playoff competition this season. Alternatively, the Dolphins have now seen Tua Tagovailoa and Ryan Fitzpatrick both make seven starts as quarterback for the Miami Dolphins.
And from a purely production standpoint, you can point at Ryan Fitzpatrick and give him the nod - the dolphin offense moves the ball more often with the veteran at the forefront of the offense. But the Dolphins are 4-3 on these starts and 5-2 with Tua Tagovailoa behind the middle - and the argument that Fitzpatrick faced the toughest part of the schedule has started to loosen up.
Fitzpatrick lost to the Patriots (Week 1), Bills (Week 2), Seahawks (Week 4); A trio of teams with a combined record of 27-15 in 14 games this season. Tagovailoa's most recent start was a win over the same Patriots who enjoyed Fitzpatrick, and the two losses were to AFC West - Patrick Mahomes and the 13-1 Kansas City Chiefs and the 5-9 Denver Broncos in an ugly road loss.
However, wins are not necessarily a quarterback statistic. The Dolphins defense played well behind Tagovailoa - just like the running game last month. Even so, it is clear that Tagovailoa has an advantage in the 2020 comparison game between him and Fitzpatrick (because remember, there is no long-term comparison; this is Tagovailoa's team).
Sales. Ryan Fitzpatrick Starts (4-3) have made 9 sales for the Dolphins' offense. When Tua Tagovailoa started (5-2), Miami turned football around seven times. While the numbers seem close enough, take into account the interception rate of each passerby. Ryan Fitzpatrick has intercepted 3% of his passport attempts this year - a number three times higher than Tua Tagovailoa's (1.0%). And especially for Fitzpatrick, some of his worst games in the ball security department are the ones the opposing team doesn't. Fitzpatrick made wiretapping attempts against Seattle and New York, which Miami fortunately did not see breaking against Miami's luck.
And that ball safety factor is the most important dynamic to play quarterback for Brian Flores.
If sales are the number one reason teams lose games, it's no wonder the Dolphins keep winning. Their formula is clear: take the soccer ball away, keep the ball itself, swap touchdowns for field goals, don't break the defense and win the field positioning game.
If you can easily sum up the style of play the Dolphins are trying to attack with, it's no wonder Tua Tagovailoa not only took on Ryan Fitzpatrick, but positioned the Dolphins for double-digit profit playing with two games overall this season .

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