The One Thing to Never Say To Each Zodiac Sign, According to an Astrologist

Each zodiac sign has a laundry list of their pet sleeves. We've reduced it to one line - the one thing you should never say about any zodiac sign.
Aries: Whoa, calm down, champion / mate / mate / tiger / friend / sport!

Why: Aries hate being patronized, especially in aggressive ways. Not only that, they also ask to be taken seriously, especially when excited. Anyone who tries to downplay their feelings with condescending nicknames will run into an Aries bruise.
Taurus: I'm not that hungry so I'll only have some of your fries!

Why: Taurus is the most possessive sign in the zodiac, and they love food more than most. If you are hungry better get your own order as they won't tolerate a french fry sneak! And don't even think about sharing popcorn ...
Gemini: Someone is mad at you, but I can't tell you who or why.

Why: Twins need the tea, all the tea, and nothing but the tea, so help them Mercury. Denying them vital details is cruel enough, but when it comes to them? They will put all of their best sources on the case until it closes.
Cancer: let's change things and meet at this cafe that I heard was cute.

Why: Cancers love staying home, and they're not crazy about change. So getting out of their comfort zone, especially for novelty reasons, won't be their favorite suggestion.
Leo: I wanted to get you the luxury spa package, but this was basically the same, but cheaper.

Why: Leos are known for their generosity towards friends and prefer grand gestures to show how valued they really are. They expect nothing less in return, so anyone trying to save a dollar on their gift is sending the wrong message to Leo.
Virgo: let's find out the details later ...

Why: Virgos are perfectionists who live in the details of everything they do. Hearing someone shake this off means a) they don't appreciate the Virgo's hard work, and b) they are likely to mess up something that the Virgo needs to fix!
Libra: let's vote.

Why: Libras are consummate people-lovers who never want to stay too far removed from consensus in order not to alienate anyone. So when they are there to potentially disrupt the social ecosystem, they sweat cold.
Scorpio: Don't worry, I swore my friend to keep your password secret.

Why: Scorpios are incredibly mysterious. So if they trust you with their Hulu password and find out that you've shared it with someone else, it is basically a living nightmare for them. Telling them not to worry only makes it worse.
Sagittarius: I'm too tired to go outside; Let's just stay

Why: Sagittarius are the strays of the zodiac, and they're far too curious and adventurous to be confined to one room. If you tell them you're going to a party and you don't, you better have another party to replace that party, you know?
Capricorn: Can ... I speak to you about something personal?

Why: Capricorns like to keep clear boundaries, even between friends. If they feel someone is taking a step towards intimacy when they haven't specifically invited, that's not what they are for.
Aquarius: LOL, I guess I just don't really like politics.

Why: Aquarius have opinions on everything, and if not, they're happy to share their thoughts on why it's not worth your time. If people casually profess apathy, especially to avoid ruffling feathers, it is sure to confuse Aquarius.
Pisces: I just don't believe you.

Why: Pisces do not tend to live in reality; it's too hard there. They prefer to build their own worlds instead, and they need the people around them to believe in it. If they don't, they will be brought straight back to planet earth where they don't want to be.
Kiki O'Keeffe is an astrologer based in Brooklyn, New York. You can sign up for their newsletter, I don't believe in astrology, or follow their twitter @alexkiki.
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