The One Way to Slash Your Diabetes Risk 60%

Here's some good news if you're one of the 88 million American adults - that's one in three people - who have prediabetes (84% don't know, so take this test to see if you could) : Losing a Little Weight Can Help You Avoid Type 2 Diabetes, a chronic condition that affects how your body metabolizes sugar. And diabetes is certainly something to avoid; It often worsens to other health problems like cardiovascular disease, eye damage, kidney disease, and dementia.
The good news is that with some simple lifestyle adjustments, reducing your risk of diabetes isn't too difficult. A large long-term study in people with prediabetes found that those who lost just 7% of their body weight by eating fewer calories and exercising 150 minutes a week reduced their risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 58%. In prediabetics aged 60 and over who lost this amount of weight, the risk was reduced by 71%. That's only equivalent to 20 minutes of training a week - and it doesn't have to be in the gym. Walking at 3 mph can count towards your minutes of exercise. (See Also: 30 Tips If You Go For Weight Loss.)
The landmark study suggests that losing a modest amount of weight through diet and exercise is one of the best steps you can take to dramatically improve your health today. What is a modest amount? For someone who weighs 160 pounds, 7% weight loss is about 11 pounds. You can lose that pretty much easier lifestyle changes in two or three weeks. For someone who weighs 280 pounds, that's roughly 20 pounds to reap the diabetes-prevention effects, according to the study.
You can follow a CDC-approved curriculum with lessons, handouts, and other resources based on the National Diabetes Prevention Lifestyle Program used by study participants.
Examples of lifestyle changes to reduce your risk of diabetes include managing stress, quitting smoking, exercise, and monitoring your alcohol consumption. And for some helpful weight loss tips, check out the 12 Best Carbohydrates for a Flat Tummy.
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