The people have spoken—and they want their Mexican Pizza back

The Mexican pizza
In its continued and likely misguided quest to streamline its menu, Taco Bell announced last month that it would be eliminating more items, including the loved ones - dare we say iconic? - Mexican pizza. Mexican pizza isn't just any random taco bell combination of tortillas and fillings. There are crispy tortillas and melted cheese. It goes beyond the typical Taco Bell strategy of merely trying to reproduce food actually served in Mexico, and creates something completely new and downright American and junkie tasty. Mexican pizza is the top of Taco Bell.
Mexican pizza also, as Rima Parikh explained in an essay for The Takeout, holds a special place in the hearts of South Asian Americans who are vegetarian, halal, or who do not eat beef. “Unlike other places where the vegetarian option means losing the fun of eating,” she wrote, “Taco Bell is still Taco Bell when you swap meat for beans. It will still destroy your organs and it's still delicious. “For Parikh, Mexican pizza is a particular reminder of her family's early attempts at making American food when they moved here.
Now a petition is circulating through the Desi community to get Taco Bell to rescue Mexican pizza from the chopping block. "Losing this article would not only be the loss of one of our favorite foods, but also part of our childhood and heritage as Indian Americans," wrote Krish Jagridar, the petition organizer, citing Parikh's essay.
So far, more than 100,000 people have signed the petition - and not just Desis. The appeal of Mexican pizza is universal. Many of the signatories write that Mexican pizza is the only product they still enjoy at Taco Bell. Others feel a deep, personal connection with it: "The Mexican pizza was always there for me!" Others said there had to be a way to make Mexican pizza packaging more environmentally friendly rather than abolishing it entirely.
While the signatories wait to see if Taco Bell will heed their request, Jagridar suggests ordering as much Mexican pizza as possible to show Taco Bell that it's in their best interests to keep it on the menu. We'll see if the Mexican pizza lasts past November 5th.

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