The Pioneer Woman Maintained A Calorie Deficit To Lose 43 Pounds In 4 Months

Ree Drummond, 52, just shared new details about her recent weight loss journey.
The Pioneer Woman lost 43 pounds in four months following 10 specific strategies.
Ree focused her weight loss goals on feeling better and having more energy.
Here's what's happening at the ranch: Ree Drummond, aka The Pioneer Woman, is leading her best, healthiest life with Ladd and the kids. The 52-year-old blogger and cooking show host talks about her journey to losing 43 pounds on her website.
"I'm not writing this as a self-celebration (since it's still very new and I'm still working on it), but (hopefully) as an inspiration - because as a 52-year-old lover of food and avoidance I just really want to share what has worked for me" she wrote.
Ree spoke to her readers about her health and fitness goals: "'Skinny' wasn't my primary goal," she wrote. "What motivated me the most was the desire to feel better and have more energy."
So how exactly did she do that? Here are the 10 tips and tricks that helped Ree lose weight, gain muscle, and get real results.
1. Ree maintained a calorie deficit.
Ree was honest when she told her readers that diets like keto and intermittent fasting didn't work for her. Instead, she maintained a calorie deficit, which meant "I burned more calories (through exercise and simple daily activities) than my body needed to maintain my weight at the time."
Ree said she used an online calculator to get a rough estimate of her daily calorie count and tried to go below it every day. "I had completely lost sight of the calories I was consuming every day, so it was very helpful to understand what I was seeing," she said.
2. She weighed her food.
Ree also used a digital food scale to weigh everything she ate. "It really woke me up to the portions I was used to eating!" She wrote. As she lost more weight and had a better idea of ​​what the portion sizes looked like, Ree stopped relying on the scales.
"I still ate well," she said. "I just ate less of it, and I valued the calories more and made sure I ate things that were more nutrient-friendly for the money."
3. She has integrated movement into her everyday life.
Ree also said that she made exercise a part of her everyday life. "I've learned that you have to make time to exercise every day," she wrote. She no longer let her busy schedule get in the way and instead focused on little moments of her day when she could exercise, such as walking her dogs.
“Over the past few months I've just made the choice to either delay a deadline or postpone work until the next day so I could train. She said.
What is your preferred way of moving? Walking, using a rowing machine and pilates. "I trained 6 days a week," she said. "Sometimes twice a day (morning walk, evening rowing machine), sometimes only once."
4. Ree focused her training on strength training.
One of Ree's fitness goals was muscle, so she started adding weight training to her workout routine. Ladd (her husband) helped her develop a series of exercises that targeted Ree's legs and bottom.
"I had zero strength in my lower body and my legs were shaking and giving way," she said. "And I couldn't walk for the first few days!" But now, after lunges, squats, and deadlifts four days a week, Ree is seeing real improvement.
"It feels good (as someone who's not a spring chicken) to actually see and feel new muscle in my body," she said.
5. Ree added more protein to her diet.
Once familiar with her calorie deficit, Ree also began tracking how much protein she was consuming. "It found that on a typical day I got about 15 to 20% of my calories from protein ... so I twisted and controlled my food so that I had about 30 to 40% protein," she wrote.
Some of her new favorite high protein foods are low fat plain Greek yogurt, low fat cottage cheese, lean meat, fish, egg whites, and almonds.
6. The cookbook author also ate less sugar.
Ree wanted to get the most out of the food she ate. "Most days I've made choices that aren't high in sugar," she said. "Over time, it really has resulted in quite a reduction in the number of calories wasted."
She still indulged in a piece of cake every now and then, "but the piece of cake was the size of Rhode Island instead of Texas."
7. Ree completely renounces alcohol.
That's right: Ree got dry. She lists a few reasons why one should avoid alcohol. Alcohol is a bunch of empty calories, she thought, and Ree wanted to give her body a break from drinking while she increased her daily workout.
"The bottom line is that I haven't had a sip of alcohol for four months," she said. Now she still drinks occasionally, but avoids high-calorie cocktails.
8. She used an app to track her progress.
Ree also used Happy Scale, a weight loss tracking app that shows you your progress towards your goal weight. "It doesn't tell you how to lose weight, and it doesn't track calories, exercise, or anything other than your daily weighing," she said.
She says Happy Scale was a big part of her motivation. "It's not ideal if all you want to do is lose five or ten pounds, but since I had a bigger target to hit, it was the right tool for me," she wrote.
9. Ree switched to a standing desk.
As part of her plan to make exercise a part of her daily routine, Ree set up a standing desk. "The sheer amount of time I spent at my desk in front of the computer was shocking," she said. "I knew it would mean a lot of sitting, so I dragged an old standing desk out of our mud room and put it right in our living room."
She says the desk reminded her to take more breaks and move around throughout the day. "It made a huge difference," she said. Fun fact: Ree wrote another cookbook while she was losing weight.
10. It's still falling off.
Ree says her journey won't end anytime soon. "I'm going to weigh each day to have all the information I need for the future, but the number is not what I'm looking for now."
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