"The Popcorn Butter Is Pure Oil": Movie Theater Employees Are Sharing The Insider Secrets That Customers Have No Idea About

We recently asked cinema staff from the BuzzFeed Community for insider secrets we should know. Their answers didn't disappoint - here are some of the best:
1. "You'd be surprised how many times we've had to remove people from shows for sexual activity. That was at least monthly and often in the weirdest movies, including Pixar and horror movies. It was ridiculous! " – hellocostello
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2. "In the theater I worked in, the 'butter' was actually a giant container of half-gel, half-liquid peanut oil. Aside from the label on the container - which is behind the counter so no one can see it - everything associated with it said it was butter. No one ever seemed to notice or care. -Anonymous
"The 'butter' is usually vegetable oil. Sometimes movie theaters use coconut oil blends, but it's not that common. Movie theaters that don't make fresh popcorn often use coconut oil because it tastes fresher longer.” -Anonymous
3. "Don't order hot food like pretzels, pizza, chicken nuggets, or hot dogs. They are heated in the microwave and left outside all day. They're usually very stale.” —the Greek girl101
"I once got yelled at for throwing out hot dogs that had been on the roller all day but weren't shriveled yet. If they don't look like raisins, they go back in the fridge to pop out the next day." -Anonymous
4. “They take their inventory far too seriously. At the concession you got a case with 25 cups. You had to count them all at the start of your shift and notify management if any were missing from the case. Then all your cups were counted at the end of your shift and compared to what you sold. All paper products were treated like gold.” -Anonymous
5. "Inside the cash register was a red button in a sealed plastic case and a small black speaker was attached. One of the ushers told me he was there to make announcements on the sidewalk for people to hear. One night, about 20 minutes into the shows, I opened the box, pushed the button and announced that all films for the night had been cancelled. No one was outside so I figured it was harmless."
"The next thing I heard was thunderous footsteps over my head... the red button actually stopped all the projectors, and my announcement [broadcast] in every theater. The projectionist came down sweating a few minutes later and gave me my new nickname: 'Button Pusher'.” – Anonymous
6. "If you are not 100% sure there will be a post-credits scene, please google [to verify] rather than just sitting in your seat. When you've been working 12 hours or more and you're waiting for everyone to leave so you can clean up and wrap up, it's annoying when people just sit there knowing there's no post-credit scene. Deadpool 2 I'm looking at you! -Anonymous
Miramax / Everett Collection
7. "Nacho cheese was made in a five-gallon bucket with a large spoon. Back then we wore white collar shirts and polyester vests [to work]. If you bent down to stir cheese, the change you found in theaters squirting out of your shirt pocket often did. No items can be found in five gallons of cheese. Some employees would also [secretly] put fun things in the cheese, like Skittles.” -Anonymous
8. "I worked at a movie theater that had a regular customer who turned out to be a serial killer." -Anonymous
John P. Fleenor / Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection
9. "We have more diarrhea to clean up than you think. A few months ago we had the worst case. This guy had explosive diarrhea during a movie and ran out of the theater. On the way out, he would shit some more over someone's shoes—to the point that the person would take their shoes off and they were stuffed with them. -Anonymous
10. "You have a better chance of sneaking into an R-rated movie if you're nice to the workers. If you're an asshole, I'll check your ID. The same goes for buying a child's ticket when you're an adult." -Anonymous
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