The Queen's Staff Is Reportedly in Revolt About the Royal Family's Plan to Make Them Work in a "COVID Bubble"

From Marie Claire
There's a new catch on the royal family's vacation plans as the Queen's staff reportedly turned down a proposal to create a "COVID bubble" for the holidays.
The "bubble" would require an estimated 20 members of the royal staff to stay at the Queen's Sandringham Estate for a month with no contact with anyone outside - including their own families, whom they might not see at all during the holiday season.
The Queen is reportedly "angry" that her staff rejected the idea as it could force her to spend Christmas in Windsor and break her 33-year tradition of celebrating the holidays in Sandringham.
The royal family's vacation plans have apparently stalled. Special? The royal staff lacks the Windsors' plan to make the holidays a reality amid the COVID pandemic.
According to a report in the Daily Mail, the Queen asked a small workforce of around 20 to stay in a "COVID bubble" to spend the holidays at her Sandringham Norfolk property. Staying in this "bubble" would mean that employees would not be allowed to leave the property for an entire month during the vacation to see their own families - and unsurprisingly, they weren't exactly thrilled with the view.
"The group, which is said to be cleaners, laundry and maintenance workers, is believed to mutiny because they are unwilling to isolate themselves from loved ones for four weeks," the mail wrote.
Unless the staff is ready to break the safety bubble at Sandringham, the Queen will have to break her 33-year Norfolk vacation tradition and may be forced to party at Windsor Castle instead.
"The Queen is angry. The staff said enough was enough. It is absolutely unprecedented," a source told The Sun about the situation. “Everyone wants to remain loyal, but they feel pushed too far because they need to be isolated from their families at Christmas. The team has discussions on operational matters, but it's too early to speculate about the implications for Christmas . "
Of course, the royal Christmas party is likely to be affected by COVID regardless of the royals' staffing situation, provided the current "rule of six" mandate for small gatherings stays in place through December.
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