The Real Villain of 'Tiger King' Is Finally Arrested

The Netflix documentary Tiger King came out when we needed some distraction from what was going on in the world. We discussed whether Carole Baskin really had something to do with her husband's disappearance, quoted the funny lines of the Tiger King himself and learned a bit about protecting tigers, or at least how not to do it. Months later, the documentary's real villain was arrested. In the end. And who is this? Of course it's Doc Antle.
According to The Wrap, "Doc" Bhagavan Antle, who we know from the documentaries as "Doc" Antle, has been arrested and faces a variety of charges related to animal abuse. Doc owns the Myrtle Beach Safari, a kind of petting zoo for tigers, where guests can pet and hold baby tigers.
The zoo has been around for 37 years and is run by Doc with his three friends and children. But game time is over and Doc is now facing 15 charges, including 2 crimes and 13 misdemeanor charges - all related to wildlife trafficking and cruelty.
On October 8, the Virginia Attorney General's Office charged Antle with a wildlife trafficking crime, a wildlife conspiracy crime, four offenses of conspiracy against the Endangered Species Act, and nine offenses of cruelty to animals.
"I categorically deny any act or behavior that could ever be considered 'animal cruelty'," Doc Antle said in a statement to the New York Times. "I have spent my entire professional life promoting the welfare and protection of big cats and other species."
The indictment comes after a month-long investigation into the illegal transport and sale of lions between Doc Antle and Keith Wilson, the owner of Winchester, Wilson's Wild Animal Park in Virginia. He has been charged on the same charges Doc faces plus four conspiracy counts. All on top of Wilson's 46 animal cruelty charges related to a November 2019 raid and the confiscation of 119 of his animals as it is illegal to sell lions across state lines.
Two of Doc Antle's daughters are also facing legal problems. They were charged with cruelty to animals and violating the Endangered Species Act for their alleged role in the treatment of animals at their father's facility.
Following the release of Netflix's Tiger King, the biggest viral focus was on Joe Exotic, who is currently serving 22 years for conspiracy to murder in connection with his threats against Carole Baskin, also featured in the documentaries, and for his jail role in killing tigers. Carole herself became a big focus after she was featured on the series. The curiosity that surrounded her, however, centered only on the secret of her missing first husband - not how she treated the big cats in her facility.
In the documentary, Barbara Fisher, a former Doc employee, alleged abuse on the premises he operates. She said she worked there as a teenager, went through horrific treatment, worked long hours, was encouraged to have a sexual relationship with Antle, and paid $ 100 a week to work 17-hour shifts. She also claimed she was forced to sleep in a cockroach-infested horse stable and he encouraged all of his employees to get breasted jobs. The show also implied that Antle had many dead tigers on his property, which he killed after they were no longer profitable - i.e. H. When they grew out of their cute kitten stage and grew up. Antle denies these claims.
Doc was largely unspoken after the series, and people mostly just joked about his lifestyle - including his many wives and finding a nanny for his kids. But TBH, he's the real bad guy on the show and we won't lose any sleep knowing he will finally get justice.
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