The Salvage Yard Pontiac GTOs Of Copart

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We dive into the inventory of GTOs that have had tough lives.
Cars end up at Copart for all sorts of reasons, mostly damage reasons. While there hasn't been a new GTO since 2006, there are plenty of them on the property of this junkyard. Here are some of the most interesting destroyed Pontiac GTOs or otherwise damaged examples that we have found.
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1968 Pontiac GTO
It just hurts, doesn't it? What on earth happened to that poor Pontiac GTO is a mystery to us. The advertisement merely states that the damage is, as usual, "vandalism" without context. The front end is missing, the rest is gone to hell, and the engine is wide open and covered in snow, the future doesn't look bright for this one.
2006 Pontiac GTO
If the digital odometer reading is correct, this poor goat only got a hair over 4k on the clock and still managed to get into trouble. Given the amount of dust and rust on the destroyed faceplate, it can be assumed that someone destroyed it a long time ago, and it has been sitting ever since. It hardly looks irreparable, and the LS2 engine alone could make a lot of money in one part.
2004 Pontiac GTO
The lack of a connection with salvage cars is the main intrigue to us, followed by the notion of whether we are in the buyer's shoes and make the decision to disconnect or restore it. However, when a car looks perfectly fine but has a residual title and is listed and has chassis damage with no images reflecting as much, it increases your curiosity.
1967 Pontiac GTO
This Pontiac GTO appears to be in pretty good shape, but not so much the Challenger Hellcat sitting next to it. The GTO definitely needs some work to be in show car condition, starting with a hood and a back seat. Seems like a great project for someone who wants an easy restoration, especially if the price is right.
1965 Pontiac GTO
Looks like it was caused by a fire in the cabin, this poor GTO got some pretty bad burns. While the inside is toast, no pun intended, the body is still pretty straight and firm. We just hope no one intentionally set this beauty on fire.
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