The Simone Biles controversy is proof the culture war will rot your brain

Simone Galle. Illustrated | Getty Images, iStock
The Culture War is bad for many reasons - but the crucial one may be turning its most passionate soldiers into hilarious idiots.
Just look at the reaction of the populist right to the news that gymnast Simone Biles would retire from the women's team competition at the Olympics after a bad start, citing mental health issues. Doing what culture fighters do - to see a woman's decision as positive evidence that SHE has destroyed everything that is noble and good in America, the extraordinary - overturned the right and called her a "surrender" and a "selfish sociopath" who "disgraced" the country ".
Anyway, long before the opening ceremony in Tokyo, Biles had proven to be the greatest gymnast of all time with a total of 30 Olympic and World Championship medals. If she had retired well before this week, she would still be considered one of the greatest athletes of all time - and one who deserves more respect and honor and has brought her country more fame than 10,000 editors at The Federalist.
So why should so many seditious ideologues gruesomely spit poison on the face of a national hero in a moment of rare public vulnerability? Because that is exactly what the culture war does: it promises to turn every human being - as long as he can plausibly accept himself into the ranks of the culture enemy - into potential fodder for political gains. A young woman of immense talent who took our breath away and made tens of millions of Americans proud on numerous occasions over the past 10 years? Does not matter. Now it is just a symbol of all the bad things that our ideological opponents want to do to the country.
That's pretty powerful. But also extremely stupid.
So please bow out of the culture war, show Simone Biles a little generosity and gratitude in her time of struggle, and refuse to sacrifice your sanity for the fleeting promise of momentary political gain.
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