The Sun's Latest "Masked Singer" Performance May Have Given Her Away

In the episode of The Masked Singer on Wednesday, Group A was back for another round of performances. Although the giraffe was exposed, revealing that former Beverly Hills, 90210 star Brian Austin Green had been in costume the entire time, the real star of this Masked Singer episode was the sun, which made judges and fans second with her talent Time baffled time this season.
After her performance of Lizzo's "Cuz I Love You" last week, the sun stopped playing. In the second round, the sun played Kesha's song "Praying" and left the judges astonished by its star power.
There are many theories about the identity of the sun. Whoever she is, she has a pretty solid chance of winning the whole thing if, like this week, she pulls out all the stops to perform. Read on to see what we know so far, and what guesses we've seen so far. And for theories about another of this season's most talented contestants, check out Masked Singer Fans. They are convinced they know who the snake is.
The first clues were subtle.
The sun-masked singer
The first clues didn't contain any dead giveaways - but it always works that way. We know the sun is someone who set a few records but got depressed after quickly shooting to stardom. Further information: A Mickey Mouse head silhouette, a "Gold Member" card, a Chihuahua and a swimming pool.
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This week we learned even more about the sun.
The sun plays on The Masked Singer 3
This week's clues are a little more revealing. The sun is someone who loves nature, has cooked "delicious treats" and "burns the ugly rumors from my life". She also celebrates every day like Halloween and brings back her childhood. There is also a Magic 8 ball.
A popular theory that the sun is LeAnn Rimes still holds true.
Leann Rimes
The biggest theory out there is that the sun is LeAnn Rimes, and it's easy to see why: the sun sounds so much like her. (There's even a video online of her singing the Lizzo song the Sun performed last week.) Rimes was a child star too, and she's definitely a fan of the outdoors and the outdoors - and in 1997 she stepped into hers own concert special on Disney Channel that would explain the reference to Mickey Mouse.
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Some people think it's a Disney Channel star.
Hilary Duff 2019
Speaking of the Mickey hint, Reddit fans believe the sun could be a child star that started on the Disney Channel. Names tossed around include Demi Lovato, Hilary Duff, and Christy Carlson Romano.
There's an off-the-wall theory that the sun is Kylie Jenner.
Kylie Jenner
A video of Kylie Jenner singing "Rise and Shine" to her daughter Stormi went viral last year. So it makes sense that some people would think that everything is related to her. But have we even heard her sing enough at this point to know if this is her voice?
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Fans on Twitter think it could be Scarlett Johansson.
Scarlett Johansson
Another theory on Twitter that is making the rounds: The sun is Scarlett Johansson, just because of her voice. It would definitely be surprising if the Black Widow star appeared on the show, but stranger things have happened on The Masked Singer.
All signs definitely seem to point to Rimes at the moment, and hopefully their next performance will really seal it. However, it might be a while before we see the sun take off its mask because whoever hides there is incredibly talented.

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