The TikTok Trend Of Parents Pouring Water On Their Kids Is Pure Joy

Photo credit: Tiktok/@Tia.Dunham
By Delish
We could all use some joy in our lives now more than ever, and the latest trend among TikTok mothers could be exactly what the doctor ordered.
Mothers in the app have created over 1.6 million videos of themselves that surprise their unsuspecting babies by (gently) pouring water on their heads. And the response shots are as adorable as they are priceless.
A particularly cute video was made by user @ tia.dunham. When she sits on the floor next to her baby with a huge bottle of Aquafina, you will get a first laugh when you see how intrigued the child is when you see his own reflection in front of the camera. When cold water hits his head, the baby trembles and trembles at first. Despite the initial shock, the baby seems confused whether it really likes the game or not.
It's such a simple idea, but it's a stroke of genius - and this one video alone generated massive 4.5 million likes and 66,700 comments. @ Tia.Dunham and the other participating mothers clearly state that "no babies were injured" during the filming.
If this video warmed your heart as much as ours, we recently wrote about some other TikTok trends. For one thing, Jack Black's fun quarantine dance will also bring joy.
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