The Unexpected Story Behind Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Improvised ‘The Master’ Line

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Philip Seymour Hoffman's work on "The Master" has been ranked the best film performance of the past decade by IndieWire, and Jesse Plemons is one of the lucky actors to see Hoffman live on the set. Plemons played "The Master" as Val Dodd, son of Hoffman's cult leader Lancaster Dodd. In a new interview with The Playlist, Plemons looked back at the creation of Paul Thomas Anderson's 2012 drama and remembered a moment on the set that left him speechless about Hoffman's outstanding acting skills.
"I have so many good memories of it, but one that I notice that I will never forget is that there is a sequence in the film where they go to this fundraiser and someone speaks out against Dodd," said Plemons. "He's starting to bother him and insult him with questions. We have shot this scene for a long time. It was almost lunch. Paul usually does some takes and it seemed like Phil was getting to a point where he didn't know what he wanted. Paul just had to go up to him, look at his hairline and pull his hair out. Like what the hell? "
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Tearing out Hoffman's hair sounds unusual, but Anderson knew what to do to get Hoffman to perform. The plucking of the hair ticked when Plemons remembers that Hoffman pinned the next shot with an improvised line that would impress everyone on the set and become one of the master's most shocking moments.
"With the next shot, he reached a place that he didn't have in previous shots, and the line" Pig Fuck "comes out:" You Pig Fuck! "Plemons said." Then it was like "Okay, this is lunch!". We were all totally impressed, our mouths on the floor. "
The "Pig Fuck" line was so memorable that Anderson kept it when the scene in question later had to be re-shot in a different location with another actor opposite Hoffman. Plemons added: "I think about it a lot. Just unique, nobody like him ”, while Hoffman is also called“ so generous, nice and focused ”.
Plemons is currently making the press rounds of the Emmy season thanks to his appearance in Netflix's prequel film "Breaking Bad" "El Camino", in which he repeated his role as Todd. Next up for the actor is the lead role in Charlie Kaufman's "I'm Thinking of the End of Things" that Netflix is ​​expected to release in the fall.
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