The US Embassy in Trinidad and Tobago was mocked after announcing it had donated 80 vials of COVID-19 vaccine to the nation of 1.4 million people

The US ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago announces the US donation of two field hospitals in Trinidad and Tobago in May 2021. US Embassy in Trinidad and Tobago
The U.S. Embassy of Trinidad and Tobago was mocked after giving 80 COVID-19 vaccine vials to the nation.
The vials contain a total of 400 doses of vaccine. Trinidad and Tobago has 1.4 million inhabitants.
The cans will go to the Ministry of National Security, local officials said.
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The U.S. embassy in Trinidad and Tobago has drawn ridicule online after announcing it donated 80 vials of COVID-19 vaccine to the island nation of 1.4 million people.
In a tweet published late Sunday local time, the US embassy in Port of Spain, the country's capital, announced the donation, saying that "every vaccine counts".
“The United States government donated COVID-19 vaccines to the Trinidad and Tobago government. The donation includes 80 vials of Pfizer vaccines. The United States is committed to working with the Trinidad and Tobago government in its vaccination efforts. We believe every vaccine counts, "the tweet read.
A single vial of Pfizer vaccine can produce five doses and is given in two vaccinations 21 days apart, which means the gift is likely to make about 400 vaccinations and could vaccinate 200 people.
The tweet was widely shared, with many comments expressing surprise at the size of the gift compared to Trinidad and Tobago's 1.4 million residents. Many made fun of the gift, and some users shared memes about the donation.
The embassy's original tweet was cited more than 1,800 times at the time of writing and received over 400 replies.
Trinidad and Tobago National Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds told local newspaper Trinidad Daily Express that the vials would be handed over to the National Security Ministry.
"This has nothing to do with a large donation that we expect the US government to consider," Hinds told the newspaper.
"This is just a small number for the Department of National Security as a gift that we are happy to receive."
Trinidad and Tobago has recorded 670 deaths and nearly 29,000 cases of the virus. The country saw a steep surge in cases and deaths in May this year after escaping the first surge in the global pandemic with a much smaller number of cases.
During the surge in May, the US donated two field hospitals with a total of 80 beds to Trinidad and Tobago, the embassy said.
The embassy website also announces President Joe Biden's commitment to deliver 500 million vaccines to low-income countries via COVAX, but Trinidad and Tobago do not qualify for this program.
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