‘The View’ Explodes Over Trump Rally vs. Black Lives Matter Protesters

A discussion following The View on Tuesday morning about the lies surrounding President Donald Trump's upcoming rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, quickly turned into a brutal back and forth over who deserves more guilt for the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.
While three of the show's co-hosts denounced the Trump campaign's decision to hold a massive rally in a hall without socially distancing guidelines, Meghan McCain said Black Live Matter's protesters were an equally big problem.
"They invite 60,000 people to a rally where masks are optional and where they may be infected with a lifelong virus," Sunny Hostin said of Trump's rally. "I just think it's a threat to citizens. It's despicable."
But after Joy Behar warned Trump supporters that "he doesn't care about your health or your children's health," McCain offered her counterpoint.
"Do you think Chris Cuomo took care of people's health when he brought old people into nursing homes who were COVID positive and many people died, including my friend Janice Dean's mother-in-law and father-in-law?" McCain asked, mistakenly naming the CNN host instead of his brother, the governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo. "There's a lot of hypocrisy here, and that's one of the things I'm really angry about."
"I don't think anyone should be attending huge rallies because medical experts have told us that this is not safe," she continued. “But the message from the media is that as long as you protest something or go to a rally that is in line with the right policies, you can do it and we will ignore the spread of COVID. So attending a Trump rally is somehow more dangerous than attending a Brooklyn rally over the weekend? "
"Is COVID a pandemic where we all have to go to the shelter or not?" McCain asked. "Or is it just a pandemic if you are a conservative and a Trump supporter and then a hypocrite if you sign this waiver and attend his rally, but you are not a hypocrite if you protest somewhere else? It is very confusing! "
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When her co-hosts pushed back, McCain reminded her that she was "not a Trump fan," but felt, "You make me defend him if you say he wants people to die." She went on to debate the self by saying, "I have been quarantined or seek shelter like everyone else in the past three and a half months and I still cannot buy a crib for my child. And everywhere there are people protesting and going to Trump rallies! "
After a pause, Behar calmly explained that there is a difference between people who volunteer outside to protest the brutality of the police and the Trump campaign, which invites them into a hall and forces them to sign a waiver saying that they don't complain when they get sick. “The indoor situation is ten times worse and much more dangerous. That's all. It is completely different. "
"The average Trump supporter will see no difference between a rally anywhere in the country and the rally he is doing there," McCain said. "I wouldn't go there either because I think it's unsafe because of the COVID virus. And that's my opinion. But there is a lot of hypocrisy."
But moments later she was back to her own story.
"I am concerned that this is the new normal, like many Americans, that I will never be in the studio with you, that I can never go to a baby shop," he said to McCain, who reportedly left her house weeks ago fled to Virginia in New York. "And I know I keep talking about it, but when you waited so long to have a child, and now I don't know if I will ever buy a crib in person, it was something that was difficult. "
"And that's just a tiny thing," she continued. "And I'm not saying that it is somewhere near the victims who make so many millions of Americans who are much more intense. People have lost their lives, people have lost their jobs. But it is very difficult and there seems to be no end That's where my frustration comes from. "
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