“The View” Fans Are Loving Meghan McCain’s Birthday Tribute to Joy Behar on Instagram

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Meghan McCain shared an Instagram birthday homage with Joy Behar.
Fans loved exposing their friendship as they often face each other with different opinions about The View.
McCain and Behar have co-hosted The View since 2017 and have grown pretty tight during that time.
Joy Behar is 78! The View star celebrated her birthday on October 7th and she was welcomed with so much love by her co-hosts and fans.
In particular, Meghan McCain, who is known for competing against Behar on the show, shared a heartwarming birthday tribute on Instagram.
"Happy birthday to my favorite liberal sparring partner @ JoyVBehar - there is no one I enjoy fighting with anymore," she wrote in the headline. "I really miss lounging in your locker room, watching cable news and clapping with you after the show ... You are a real powerhouse and the ultimate original! I am grateful to call you a friend. ♥ ️ ??? ”
View fans were delighted with the sweet friendship between the co-hosts as they often walk back and forth on the show with different political opinions.
“Oh my god, this picture makes me so happy! ❤️? ♀️⭐️ “, commented one person. "We don't have to agree to have respect and love for one another," added another.
"I love the way you argue and friends go away!" struck in another.
McCain and Behar have co-hosted The View since 2017 and have grown pretty tight during that time. While things can get hot in front of the camera, McCain has assured that they actually have a great relationship.
When interviewing each other on an ET segment, McCain told Behar that the reports that they didn't like each other were hurtful. "It really hurts my feelings because our locker rooms are next to each other and you and I have the same emotional response to things - sometimes in different ways - but we're both equally upset, the same amount of the same things. And I wish that People would really give us a break. "
"What we say, we really mean it!" Behar added. "It's not an act, we don't gloss over it, we do it right. And I think we have that in common. And I think there is mutual respect for it."
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