‘The View’ Hosts Meghan McCain and Joy Behar Call Out ‘Bachelor’ Franchise as ‘Extremely Problematic’ (Video)

One day after the announcement that Chris Harrison would no longer moderate "The Bachelor" or one of its spin-offs, the moderators of "The View" were not surprised. In fact, presenters Meghan McCain and Joy Behar on the show on Wednesday took the opportunity to dive into some of the franchise's other issues.
Although "The Bachelor" and "The View" are both ABC traits, the women had no qualms about voicing their criticism. When it came time for Behar to share her thoughts on the situation, she even scoffed a little at the idea that fans were so surprised by the Chris Harrison drama and the show itself.
"Let's tell the truth about the bachelor's degree. It's a show based on superficial relationships. Why would you ever expect the host to be a deep thinker? ”Said Behar.
She added that she also doesn't have a lot of faith in the relationships that emerge from the show, and asked how many of them actually last long-term.
"This is a show where they meet before they know each other for two seconds. They are supposed to get married, I don't think any of them will ever get married," said Behar. "But I don't care, either way."
For presenter Meghan McCain, the problems with "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" go much deeper than with their hostess. Using her time to highlight the lack of diversity in the show's attendees, both racially and physically, she said bluntly that it made her not a fan of the franchise.
“I don't love 'The Bachelor'. I apologize to our parent company ABC. I don't mean disrespect for the work that is being done on this network, but it's an extremely problematic show, ”McCain said. “I think the fact that there are never Asians, there are never blacks, there aren't many Hispanics. If you want to talk about body positivity there is very seldom - I believe there was once a participant who was above size zero. "
McCain added that while she hopes Harrison can do the job and find a place for herself as a TV presenter in the future, she believes the show will have even more to do after breaking up with him.
"I think this show needs to be redesigned in a lot of different ways that go well beyond the host," McCain said.
Check out the video of the conversation below.
HOST LEAVES ‘BACHELOR’ AFTER RACISM CONTROVERSE: After 19 years as the host of #TheBachelor and spin-offs like #TheBachelorette, Chris Harrison announced his departure from the franchise after his controversial interview with Rachel Lindsay - the co-moderators are reacting. pic.twitter.com/2U2qt5v0on
- The View (@TheView) June 9, 2021
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