‘The View': Meghan McCain Calls CNN’s Chris Cuomo a ‘Coward’ for Ducking Brother’s Scandal on Air (Video)

Meghan McCain blows Chris Cuomo after carefully avoiding any mention of the scandal surrounding his brother, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, during his Tuesday night show.
On Tuesday morning, a New York State investigation found that Governor Cuomo sexually molested 11 women and created a “hostile” work environment. Chris Cuomo even testified on behalf of his older brother in the investigation, giving him advice on how to deal with the trial and the press surrounding it. Even so, the CNN host didn't mention this on his Tuesday night show.
On Wednesday's episode of "The View," McCain referred to the hosts' conversation about nepotism last week, arguing that the Cuomo brothers are a prime example of exactly the opposite.
“You want to talk about nepotism? You don't have to talk about the country's biggest scandal when it comes to your brother and you are hosting CNN. It's nepotism, ”said McCain. “The Cuomo family and CNN are the worst types of nepotism that the media can exemplify. If it were my brother, if my brother was somehow the governor and he was blamed for that, you're fucking straight, I'd be talking about it on The View this morning, and that makes them all cowards.
Chris Cuomo and CNN representatives did not immediately respond to TheWrap's request for comment.
In the further course of the conversation, the moderators of "The View" unanimously condemned the actions of Governor Cuomo, with Joy Behar and Meghan McCain directly demanding his resignation or his forcible removal from office. As of this writing, Cuomo had not announced any plans for an official resignation.
In fact, in a video statement released Tuesday, the New York governor reiterated his innocence, attributed his actions to generational differences, and said he had inherited some habits from his mother.
"I kiss people on the hand," said Cuomo. “I hug people. I hug people, men and women. Occasionally I say 'Ciao, bella'. Occasionally I slip and say 'darling' or 'darling' or 'darling'. "
You can watch the full discussion on "The View" in the video above.
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