The Walking Dead season 10 return date: when to expect the finale

The season 10 finale of Walking Dead is just around the corner ... we think? Originally due to the April airing, episode 16 of the pioneering season of the AMC show was left in suspense. No news yet on an official broadcast date, but we have some fascinating developments - including comic book creator Robert Kirkman, who recently revealed that he knows when the show will return.
We'll also walk you through everything else we know about The Walking Dead season 10 finale if there's no return flight date: trailers, quotes from showrunner Angela Kang, and a taste of the last two minutes of the episode.
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Season 10 return flight of The Walking Dead: When will season 10 of The Walking Dead air?
"The planned final will appear later in the year as a special episode," is Skybound's official line. In addition, we do not have an exact broadcast date for the Season 10 finale.
Robert Kirkman, the franchise's creator, told cartoonist Kayfabe (via that a date has been set, but he says no more than that: "The old Walking Dead Show will come back. We will be." Broadcasting - I know data. I don't think they're public, "said Kirkman.
So when can we expect season 10 of The Walking Dead to return farewell except for 2020? With new seasons typically airing in October and season 11 production being delayed for the foreseeable future, it wouldn't be the best idea to end the finale later in the fall, especially if there are probably no new episodes of season 11 on AMC.
Of course there is the little problem of leaving too big a gap between episodes 15 and 16. Since the penultimate season 10 trip ends on a cliffhanger while Beta surrounds Gabriel and the rest of the survivors, it would make sense to push it forward
Show runner Angela Kang gave a glimmer of hope in an interview with Deadline: “We are almost there. They try to finish what they can, and as soon as things go we will finish and broadcast them. "
That sounds promising and, depending on a number of invisible factors, could indicate publication in June. However, we will update when we hear something more official.
The Walking Dead Season 10 Finale Trailer
The first trailer for the finale of Season 10 of The Walking Dead doesn't let up for a second. Gabriel scurries through the building and tries to prepare everyone for the upcoming Whisperer attack. When a child (rightly) indicates that they are outnumbered, it says that all five groups are stronger when they work together. Alexandria, Hilltop, the Kingdom, Oceanside and the others.
No, this is not a lost spin-off in progress. The camera shows several people who will probably help in the finale. These include the new character Princess, Virgil and even a returning Maggie, who is all informed about the events of season 10 via a handwritten note, which is helpful.
What to Expect from The Walking Dead Season 10 Finale
The producer Greg Nicotero has given us the biggest hint so far that The Walking Dead season 10 finale will be explosive. He said to Fandom: "There are many storylines of characters where you can get little information here ... and you want to end this chapter and start the next chapter in the finale."
"It makes us so good for season 11," Nicotero continued. "That it is a little painful for me not to be able to talk about it. The last two minutes of the final - people's jaws will fall."
Showrunner Angela Kang offered us a delicious piece of food to nibble before the season 10 finale - including a heavy hint that we'll find out what Maggie is up to during her time outside the main group.
"We're going to see more of the new characters as introduced this season, and we'll see more of the epic conflict we've had with the survivors and the Whisper throughout the season. And we'll see that Maggie ... We'll know what happened to her and what that means for our group, ”Kang told EW, while according to Kang's interview in Deadline, we also get more from Darryl and Negan.

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