'The Walking Dead' Star Khary Payton Introduces His Transgender Son To The World

Actor Khary Payton expressed his "insatiable love" for 11-year-old son Karter, who is a transgender, on social media. (Photo by LISA O'CONNOR via Getty Images)
Khary Payton is loved by fans around the world as Ezekiel in "The Walking Dead", but his off-screen role as a fond father earns him the highest praise this week.
The Georgia-born actor introduced the world to his 11-year-old son Karter, who is a transgender, in warm posts on Instagram and Twitter on Tuesday.
Payton described Karter as “one of the happiest and most balanced people I have ever known” and wrote: “Man, there is nothing better than watching your child enjoy exploring what it means to be true to yourself to be. ”
"I hope you all have the opportunity to feel the insatiable love I am feeling right now."
Payton's wife Stacy offered similar feelings on Instagram this weekend, saying she was "overjoyed" that Karter had stayed true to his authentic self.
"Karter is so confident of who he is and was thrilled that I let everyone know that he was finally living as his true self," she wrote. "As a boy. As my son. As Karter. I am incredibly proud of him and feel blessed to be his mother every day."
Payton's announcement has been praised by other actors, including Mark Hamill from Star Wars.

back at Karter!
Mar- Mar?
- Mark Hamill (@HamillHimself), June 15, 2020
"These kids are really amazing !!" Reno Wilson of CBS's "Mike and Molly" wrote on Instagram. "Teach us how to be human regularly! Let's go Karter!
Samantha Morton, co-star of "Walking Dead" added: "Karter, we love you! You're unbelievable."
As a number of outlets highlighted, Payton's announcement came about four months after retired NBA star Dwayne Wade publicly reported about his transgender daughter Zaya.
Zaya, who turned 13 last month, made her red carpet debut with her father and stepmother Gabrielle Union at the Better Brothers Los Angeles' sixth annual Truth Awards in March.
While Union said she was grateful for the support she and her family had received from LGBTQ rights advocates, she commented on the criticism they endured for allowing Zaya to live as her true self.
"With all the love comes the hate," said Union Variety last month. "It watches love deal with hatred that was encouraging. We only love and accept our children, which is not revolutionary. For some people, it's crazy."
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