There's a perfectly reasonable explanation why the 'Bachelorette' always wears a sparkly dress on the first night

Tayshia Adams on her first night. Craig Sjodin / ABC
When a season of "The Bachelorette" premieres, you can almost always expect the newest lead character to be on a shiny driveway in a sparkling dress.
But did you know there's a good explanation for why?
Cary Fetman, the show's longtime stylist, told Insider it was easier to keep a sequined dress clean on the very long first night.
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Here at Insider, we've kept track of what (almost) every Bachelorette star wore on their first night of the show - and almost every one of them sparkles.
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Much has been said about the show's extremely long first night, which regularly lasts until sunrise the next morning. You may be wondering why year after year the leadership wears a sparkling dress that doesn't look particularly comfortable.
It turns out that there is a perfectly reasonable explanation.
"On a first night, the only reason I usually shine a little more, or because the floor isn't fabric, or even just a net, is because they're standing in a wet driveway during a normal season," says Cary Fetman. The show's longtime stylist told Insider.
The driveway is usually sprayed with water to make it look better on camera. As a result, the leash needs a dress that "soaks in" water and dirt, Fetman said.
Hannah Brown's night dress. John Fleenor / ABC via Getty Images
In the course of the evening he has to continue cleaning the dress and "dry the sequins a little easier". Netting can also work because he can quickly wash it and then "put it back on her while she warms up or walks through all the people she just met and revisited a photo so she can remember their names." . "
"I have about 15 minutes to dry it with a hair dryer and clean it to make sure it doesn't get dirty once she goes out to see the men," he said.
Fetman, who plays the leading role but not the participants, wants to make it clear: "I've never pushed sequins."
"I guess what happened is that they come into a room with one thing on their mind - they don't want sparkles. They don't want to look like any of the other girls. And then they start trying out those sequin dresses I do don't know why they all keep going to Randi [Rahm], but they just do. "
What about some of Fetman's favorite nights out? Both JoJo Fletcher and Rachel Lindsay's (sparkling) dresses come to mind.
Fletcher and Lindsay on their first few nights. ABC
"One of them had a first nightgown that I said, 'Oh my god. Okay. You can pat yourself on the back.' ... I'm usually my strictest critic, but every now and then I'll even look and say, 'Good job. That was good.' "
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