There's a record 100 ships floating off ports in Southern California despite Biden's 24/7 schedule

An aerial photo taken on October 14, 2021 shows the Port of Los Angeles in Los Angeles, California. ROBYN BECK / AFP via Getty Images
The largest ports in the United States hit a new record on Monday when 100 ships were waiting to dock and unload.
Ports broke multiple records this year as COVID-19 closings hit a boom in consumer demand.
Last week, President Biden announced that the ports would be handling ships around the clock.
The California ports have hit another record, despite Biden's plan to extend their hours to reduce the backlog.
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According to the Marine Exchange, a total of 157 ships were recorded in and around the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach on Monday, a record first hit in September. The total number of ships at anchor and in waiting areas waiting to dock and unload in ports also hit a new record on Monday when 100 ships swam offshore.
97 of these ships are container ships floating around at sea outside of these ports carrying cargo that is likely to miss the holiday shopping season. Because of the backlog, cargo ships often wait several weeks before being unloaded, which extends the transit time for goods from Asia, which, according to Freightos, averages around 75 days from origin to final destination. According to the Marine Exchange of Southern California, several container ships have been waiting at anchor since the beginning of September.
Before the pandemic, the highest record of ports was 17 ships waiting to anchor, Kip Louttit, the head of the Marine Exchange, said in an email with Insider.
In an interview with CNN on Monday, Gene Seroka, head of the Port of Los Angeles said that Biden's 24/7 plan helped him move some of the cargo that had been docked for several days. The White House announced on Wednesday that the Port of LA would follow in the footsteps of its neighbor Long Beach and operate some terminals around the clock.
"We had 25% of all cargo here on our dock for 13 days or more [and] that was only cut in half in the last week," Seroka told CNN.
Still, he doesn't expect supply chain issues to improve until February 2022 as consumer demand continues to rise. Seroka said the port will most likely need to operate 24/7 until next summer.
Logistics experts were skeptical that Biden's nightly schedule would have any real impact.
"It's great that they made the decision to do something, but we're talking less than 1% to 2% change here," Gartner supply chain analyst Brian Whitlock previously told Insider. "The work you are talking about will be immaterial. It probably won't even be visible."
This is partly because Biden's plan doesn't address the shortage of truckers and warehouse workers, it is said. And if these workers don't also extend their hours, the cargo has nowhere to go.
"Right now we're just moving the problem down," former US trade negotiator Harry Broadmen told Insider. “So much focus has been put on fixing the problems in the ports, when that is only part of the equation. The entire supply chain has to be synchronized. "
Before the Port of Los Angeles began operating 24/7, Seroka said everyone on the supply chain network needs to be "on the same page" to resolve this crisis - an almost impossible feat. Not only do the shipping terminals themselves require coordinated efforts as they are operated by private companies, but also the movement of goods needs to be synchronized with importers, truckers, and warehouse operators who represent industries that are divided into a variety of small to medium-sized companies.
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