There's another game-breaking 'Call of Duty: Warzone' bug

Infinity Ward, maker of Call of Duty: Warzone, is investigating a bug that makes the game nearly unplayable for most people. The glitch allows users to reuse normally limited tactical skills, including stun grenades and stim heals, which wildly throws the game off balance. For example, a player can constantly throw away grenades while his opponent is sitting in the damage zone and can permanently heal himself.
The problem has been around for more than 12 hours at this point, but Infinity Ward has yet to take the drastic measures it took last time. A month ago, a bug allowed players to drive their vehicles out of the designated battle zone, causing the game to crash for the (up to) 150 players in the lobby. In response, the developer removed all vehicles until the fix could be found and applied two days later.
Posters on Reddit urge the company to pull stims and grenades on short notice. A poster stated that Infinity Ward "has lost all credibility". At the moment it looks like someone playing Warzone could be left behind in an ongoing battle between stims and grenades until something can be resolved.
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