These 2 Zodiac Signs Famously Can't Handle Stress, But Here's How to Cope

You know the feeling. You'll need to complete a project due at midnight, switch between 37 browser tabs and wonder how you can ever get it done. Overwhelming, right?
This represents the frenzied heads of our twins and virgin friends. Merkur masters both signs, which are constantly multitasking and over-analyzing: The fastest rotating planet should symbolize how we think and exchange ideas. And although both are whip-sly and extremely creative, these two zodiac signs tend to be stressful and even burnout if they don't have the right coping mechanisms. Below are five ways for twins, virgins, or other rethinkers to find peace.
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1. Meditate, meditate, meditate
It is easy for twins and virgins to delve into the past and future. You'll wonder if you could have made a more compelling point in the book club or how you'll handle it when your child goes to college (in 18 years). For these crippling cases of "what if" meditation serves as a much needed respite. By focusing on the breath, you bring yourself back to the present moment to get the much needed clarity.
2. Concentrate on one task at a time
Raise your hand if you peel oatmeal on your keyboard in the morning while browsing emails. Gemini and Virgo are both what astrologers call variable signs, which means they're flexible and open to new ideas (translation: they're likely to be pulled in 20 different directions). So take notes from Taurus and dedicate all your senses to one task at a time. Enjoy the damn oatmeal while eating oatmeal. Smell the cinnamon, taste the berries and feel the warm oats in your belly. Try that with a laptop on your face.
3. Take time to vent
Twins and Virgo quickly conjure up a joke or witty reply and are more quickly hit by a new fear or worry. Before you give these stressful thoughts the opportunity to set up a camp and make yourself comfortable in your brain, give them the boot. Whether through journaling, contacting a friend or even talking to yourself (no shame, twins) - letting go of stressful thoughts is necessary and cathartic.
4. Switch off your technology
You can find these two mercury signs that weigh their phones at night and rummage through messaging apps in the morning. Gemini and Virgo love to be up to date and fervently record news, trends and vocabulary. But the couple have trouble knowing when to stop scrolling. To avoid a complete information overload, put your phone across the room (or in a locker) before you get used to bedtime. A good old-fashioned book is just as satisfactory.
5. Ground yourself with nature
To offset this duo's tendency to hurry, Gemini and Virgo should take time to observe nature without a set purpose. Whether you're walking along the East River during your lunch break or taking a long weekend hike - these moments help you ground yourself and offer perspective. Seeing the leaves falling or the clouds moving over us is an important reminder that the world is still spinning despite your stress.
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