These 8 Tinted Balms Will Keep Your Lips Hydrated and Colorful All Season Long

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Often times, if you suffer from chapped lips, the pigment in lipstick will feather and fade, further highlighting the cracks in your lips. But that doesn't mean you have to give up lip color entirely. Tinted lip balms treat your chapped lips while giving them a pretty pop of color. They're so versatile that nobody would blame you for having one in your car, in your jeans pocket, in your backpack, or wherever you can cut one away.
The skin on your lips is one of the thinnest on your body. Because of this, the lips are usually red or pink in color. These are your blood capillaries that see through. Plus, the lips don't have sweat or oil glands, which means they don't produce their own moisture like the rest of your skin. All of this means: It's up to you to moisturize your lips with treatments to keep them healthy and smooth. And why not with a portion of color? Below are eight of our most popular tinted lip balms that will keep your lips sweet and hydrated.
Best tinted lip balm with sun protection factor:
hellogiggles - $ 24 Available at Sephora
This clean beauty product is made from soft grape seed oil, moisturizing meadow foam seed oil and the brand's signature sugar that locks in moisture. This lip balm also contains SPF 15, which is important considering that the lips don't usually tan because of their skin lack of melanin, they get sun damage. If that wasn't enough to intrigue you with this tinted lip balm, you know it seriously pays off too. It can rival some of the best lipsticks out there - buy one of 15 colors to see for yourself.
Best pure tinted lip balm:
hellogiggles - $ 12 Available from Glossier
One of our favorite tinted lip balms of all time has got to be Glossier's Balm Dotcom. That's why we're so excited that the brand has just released its first limited edition version: Wild Fig Balm Dotcom. Wild Fig is one of six Balm dotcom colors and has a deep coral tint that looks just like the inside of the juicy fruit. The balm gives off a healthy glow without looking shiny, almost like you've just licked your lips. It also contains beeswax, lanolin and castor oil - all skin care ingredients that retain moisture.
Best drug store tinted lip balm:
hellogiggles Available on Amazon
You don't have to break the bank to get high quality results and this lip balm proves it. This high-performance moisturizer uses petroleum jelly, which studies have found to be one of the strongest moisturizing ingredients on the market and 170 times more water vapor loss resistant than olive oil. This product leaves a very subtle rose tint on the lips and gives them a shiny sheen. Bonus tip: tap this lip balm over your cheekbones for a healthy pop of color.
Best Heavy Duty Tinted Lip Balm:
hellogiggles - $ 17 Available at Sephora
Shea Butter and Murumuru Seed Butter are the powerful moisturizing ingredients that are responsible for the power of this lip balm. This lightweight yet robust formula gives the lips the care they need while adding a light tint. Buy it in one of five colors: gummy bear (delicate purple), berry (pictured here), peach (warm gold), pear (transparent), and grapefruit (peach-colored orange).
Best Glossy Tinted Lip Balm:
hellogiggles - $ 27 Available at Sephora
If you are looking for a smooth and high-gloss formula, this lip treatment is for you. Enriched with hyaluronic acid and peptides, this moisturizing lipstick will make you feel like you are giving your lips a large glass of water. This high-gloss formula is available in five highly pigmented shades: Jaws (pictured here), Fruitjuice (magenta), Malibu (purple-pink), Dip (pearlescent nude) and Jellyfish (clear).
Best Naturally Tinted Lip Balm:
hellogiggles - $ 5.49 Available at Ulta
Burt's Bees uses 100% natural ingredients in the manufacture of its formulas, including the moisturizing botanical waxes in the popular tinted lip balms. This is available in eight shades ranging from soft shades to deep washes: Pink Blossom, Red Dahlia, Rose, Zinnia, Hibiscus, Magnolia, Daisy and Sweet Violet.
Best scented tinted lip balm:
hellogiggles - $ 5.99 Available at Ulta
You probably know Sun Bum for their delicious-smelling sunscreens, but the brand's tinted lip balms are lesser-known beauty finds that are just as good. The brand offers five shades that range from light pink to a deep raisin shade. Each of them has a subtle beach scent that can best be described as a blend of cocoa butter and aloe lotion. (This is a natural scent, however, as the product is actually fragrance-free.) This tinted lip balm is also gluten-free - a great find if you're allergic.
Best vegan tinted lip balm:
hellogiggles - $ 19 Available at Sephora
This creamy lip balm works like a lipstick, but thanks to the emollient vitamin E and moisturizing coconut oil, it provides moisture like a high-performance treatment. This dermatologist-approved product is available in eight colors: Berry, Cherry, Coral, Rose, Nude, Buff, Opal, and Clear.

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