These Are the 4 Best Hair Colors Ideas for Brunettes, According to Celebrity Stylists

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Let's admit it: with everything that's happening in the world right now, we could really use that wave of dopamine that comes with a hot new hairstyle. And with hot new hairstyle, we're not talking about a new haircut - we're talking about a new hair color. With winter around the corner, we want a transformation that is still visible beneath the 20 layers of winter gear we bundle up in. We're looking for brunette hair color ideas to turn things upside down.
And if we're not inspired to change our hair color in preparation for winter, then that's what we do for that effortlessly stunning, casually-answered zoom call without checking in the mirror -first look. A brunette shade that is so great that it basically doesn't require a guarantee of styling. The prominent hairdresser Mark Townsend knows the mood: "Nowadays we mostly only see each other via Zoom or FaceTime. It therefore makes sense for women to style and color their hair accordingly."
We spoke to three celebrity hairdressers to get their expert opinions on the best brunette hair color ideas for 2020. We found that the wide range of colors for this winter is warm, natural tones. Think honey, caramel, hot cocoa - sweet and cozy tones that go with the season.
1. Deep maroon
Selena Gomez gets her desirable brunette hair from celebrity hair color and 901 salon owner in Los Angeles, Nikki Lee. According to Lee, rich brunettes are really taking control this fall / winter, and Gomez is the perfect example of those deep chestnuts mixed with cool dark browns.
Take this photo to the salon with you, but as Lee recommends, make sure your stylist picks the right tones for you. Ask your stylist what you think is the best shade of brunette for you. Lee also recommends using Garnier Nutrisse's Color Reviver hair mask to keep the hues looking rich and moisturizing your locks.
2. Warm auburn highlights
If you're looking to step up the stakes, be sure to try some stunning mulled wine highlights like Rachel Weisz at the 2020 Golden Globes. "Adding auburn highlights to brunette hair adds so much dimension and shows hair texture and definition," explains Townsend.
To keep this shade fresh, he recommends not washing your hair too often. "Washing can remove the dye from the hair and reduce the brilliance of the colors," he explains. When washing your hair, Townsend recommends using a sulfate-free formula to avoid color. For the days between washes, he recommends Doves Refresh + Care Dry Shampoo to keep hair looking fresh and full.
3. Chunky highlights on the face
Another hair color trend that Townsend is pointing out is bold highlights, like those of Jennie Kim and Dua Lipa from BLACKPINK. This is a great option if you really want to make a difference this season. The platinum highlights on the front add serious contrast to dark brunette hair.
Are you wondering how you can do this? Townsend says it's all about trying and owning it. "What I learned from this crazy year of quarantine is that anyone can pull off any look as long as they rock it with confidence."
4. Honey balayage
According to MATRIX celebrity colorist George Papanikolas, the best way to brighten up gloomy winter days is by giving your brunette locks a golden honey balayage. To keep the look modern and elevated, highlights should be fairly balanced throughout the hair, with delicate highlights near the roots gently blending in and heavier at the ends. That way, naturally dark roots can grow gracefully and you can save visits to the salon.
Papanikolas recommends using MATRIX's Brass Off Blue Shampoo to neutralize brass-colored tones (an inevitable effect that occurs when coloring hair any shade of blonde). "This works like tights over the hair and gives it a sheer, neutralizing effect." And so that colored hair doesn't dry out? Papanikolas says you should incorporate a weekly moisturizing hair mask into your routine, such as the brand's Biolage Hydrasource Mask.

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