These are the Republicans trying to reverse the 2020 election and keep Donald Trump in power

Congressman Matt Gaetz is one of dozen Republicans who support efforts to reverse the 2020 election results in some states. (Getty Images)
President-elect Joe Biden is due to have Congress certify his election victory shortly after the New Year - but not before Republicans make a long-term attempt to prevent it.
The momentum for trying to block Mr Biden's victory is growing on the right fringes of the GOP. Conservative Florida Superstar Congressman Matt Gaetz and North Carolina Congresswoman elected Madison Cawthorn announce their support this week.
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Georgia Congresswoman-elected Marjorie Taylor Greene, who became known nationwide last electoral cycle for once supporting the QAnon conspiracy theory, is also part of the group working to secure the election of Donald Trump despite Mr Biden's decisive election victory rotate.
Mr. Gaetz and Mr. Cawthorn are among the "dozen" total GOP lawmakers who support Congressman Mo Brooks' quest for an obscure constitutional provision to crush the electoral vote when Congress meets in five states on Jan. 6 - Arizona, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Georgia and Wisconsin - whose election processes the Conservatives have claimed despite the lack of evidence - have been fraudulent.
"If you look at what happened to liberal governors and liberal state secretaries in many of these liberal swing states, you can see that with this election they broke the law and broke our constitution," Cawthorn said at an event for young Republicans in West Palm Beach, Florida earlier this week.
What Mr Cawthorn said is simply incorrect.
At least two of the five states whose election results are being questioned, Georgia and Arizona, have Republican governors.
And there is no evidence that any of the governors or secretaries of state in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Georgia, and Wisconsin broke the law and facilitated electoral fraud.
Even so, Mr. Cawthorn received applause when he rolled down the stage in Florida on Monday announcing, “This is why the people of western North Carolina sent me to Washington on January 6th to do a job. I will contest the election. "
Mr. Brooks' allies include Texas Congressmen Louie Gohmert and Arizona Paul Gosar, two lawmakers known for advocating various "deep state" conspiracy theories, advocating controversial positions on race and immigration, and advocating for themselves Capitol Hill behaving in otherwise strange ways.
Mr. Brooks, Mr. Gohmert, Mr. Gosar, Mr. Gaetz, and Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan were among a group of next-congressional lawmakers who visited the White House on Monday to discuss their plans with Mr. Trump to see the election results on Jan. January to question.
Although there is no official list of Republicans supporting this program, Mr. Brooks and 18 other members of the GOP House signed a letter last week asking for an investigation into allegations of electoral fraud before the new Congress on Jan. . Meets January to approve election results.
They are mostly the aforementioned young attention-grabbers like Mr. Gaetz, Mr. Cawthorn and Mrs. Greene; well-known conspirators such as Herr Gohmert and Herr Gosar; or obscure conservative bankers like Scott DesJarlais from Tennessee and Jeff Duncan from South Carolina.
"It's pretty clear that the momentum in support of objections to electoral college objections by states because of their flawed electoral systems is growing and making them unworthy of trust," Brooks told reporters in Washington on Monday, providing no concrete evidence therefore support his fraud claims.
"We are now on the side of the House of Representatives and have up to dozens of congressmen willing to object to or support submissions from various states. So we have more congressmen than states to object to," said Brooks.
The process
Let us be clear: efforts will fail, Congress will confirm the results of the electoral college, and Mr Biden will take office on the day of inauguration on January 20th.
Yes, only a senator and a member of the House of Representatives would have to join a formal challenge to a state's election results to force each chamber to two hours of separate debate before voting to maintain or reject.
Senator-elect Tommy Tuberville of Alabama has indicated he might be ready to play ball, as have Senators Rand Paul from Kentucky and Ron Johnson from Wisconsin.
"On the Senate side, I think the question now is not whether there will be a Senator to object, but ... how many Senators will join in," Brooks told reporters Monday.
But while Mr. Brooks may be able to get at least one senator to force a vote on the integrity of the electoral college, the actual motion to throw the results into the fire is certain to fail with the majority in both democratically controlled positions House owned as well as Republican Senate are required to pass it.
It just won't happen.
Democrats and even several Republicans in both houses have flatly rejected the GOP's legal challenges to election results. The actual overturning of the will of the electoral college - the composition of which will be determined by the vote of the American people on November 3rd - would be an even more significant step away from democracy.
And Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has already congratulated Mr. Biden on his victory. He has tacitly urged the most conservative senators in his caucus not to force their moderate colleagues into a "terrible vote" that would split the party.
Damage already done
Even if no senator comes to the board to carry out an actual challenge to election results, Mr Brooks's campaign has already split the GOP on a line of loyalty to the outgoing president.
On Monday, Illinois Congressman Adam Kinzinger criticized Mr Cawthorn's announcement that he would question the 2020 election results.
"Applause is intoxicating ... governing honorably is sometimes difficult and doesn't have an enthusiastic crowd, and it shouldn't," tweeted Mr. Kinzinger, who frequently oversees Mr. Trump's isolated foreign policy in Iraq, Syria and other conflict areas in the US criticized the Middle East, in which the US is strongly represented.
On Sunday, Utah Senator Mitt Romney lamented that the end of Mr Trump's presidency was marred by the spate of electoral conspiracies from the White House.
"It's really sad - and embarrassing - in many ways that the president might just be writing the final chapter of this administration with a winning round on the vaccine," the Utah Republican said in an interview with CNN Tapper's Jake on Sunday.
Mr Romney alluded to the growing divide within the GOP between traditional party figures and the new wave of Republicans who, above all, showed blind loyalty to Mr Trump.
"I represent a very small part of the Republican Party today," Romney admitted to Tapper.
"When I look at the competitors of 2024, most of them are trying to become as much like Donald Trump as possible."
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