These Butt Crack Leggings Just Dethroned the Original Viral Pair on Amazon

There's a new pair of butt crack leggings making waves on Amazon
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There's a new pair of butt crack leggings in town.
When Seasum's butt lift leggings went viral all over TikTok (and the rest of the internet) in January, you may not have expected the trend to continue. Well, we're here to tell you that the Butt Crack Leggings phase is alive and well - so much so that a new pair of booty enhancement has since climbed to the top of Amazon's bestseller charts.
While Seasums leggings are still a top seller on Amazon, the Aimilia butt-lifting leggings recently dethroned them in the bestselling leggings table, where they are currently in the top three. Made from a blend of polyamide and spandex, the Aimilia leggings look similar to their viral counterparts. They have a high waist, honeycomb structure, and a butt scrunch design. The leggings are available in 18 colors, including black, gray, pink and batik. They are available in sizes S to 2XL. Nearly 7,500 shoppers gave them a five-star rating thanks to their flattery, convenience, and sweetness.
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"As a pear-shaped person, I try to avoid tight clothing that accentuates the wrong curves," wrote one customer. "My Aimilia leggings were exactly what I needed. The pleated texture emphasizes the right parts of the body while smoothing the rest. The ladies in my yoga class noticed how cute they looked."
Some shoppers note that when they put the leggings on, they see an "instant boost" in their bum and that despite their wrinkled design, they don't feel uncomfortable. One customer even pointed out that he bought the Seasum leggings and preferred the Aimilia pair.
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Another customer raved, "I recently started taking Pure Barre classes and wanted more leggings to work out with ... These provide support but are still super comfortable. [They] feel like soft sweatpants - super soft and flattering at the same time. "
Shop Now: $ 25- $ 33;
The Seasum leggings were sold out in their heyday, so we recommend purchasing the Aimilia butt lifting leggings before they are also sold out.

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