These chicken fillets from Aldi are so popular, they have their own Facebook group

It is one of Aldi’s most sought-after shopping finds: a bag of frozen breaded chicken fillets that drives fans of the discount grocery chain into a frenzy.
Kirkwood chicken breast fillets, also known as "Red Bag Chicken" (RBC) by those who love it, are a hot item at most Aldi stores and fly off the freezer shelves at the low price of $ 5.99 per bag.
In fact, there are more than 10,000 members in a Facebook group devoted exclusively to sharing photos, recipes and tips for using the breaded chicken fillets.
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There I turned around after finding my own bag of RBC at my local Aldi.
Lauren Foley, a member of the group who lives in Vermont, says she drives 45 minutes to her nearest Aldi to buy the Kirkwood fillets, which she often pairs with Aldi's brioche buns to make the perfect copycat chicken Making sandwich.
"It tastes like Chick-Fil-A and I'm off one," Foley told TODAY Food. "It's the only thing that suppresses this craving. I also use it for salads and rice with teriyaki sauce, or just for myself."
Instructions pinned on the Facebook group recommend cooking the fillets in an air fryer at 400 ° F for 10 minutes per side. I'm not the one that grapples with chicken schnitzel lovers, so I took the recommended approach when cooking dinner for my own family.
The chicken fillets can also be pan fried, baked, or microwaved, which makes them a really easy addition to mealtime.
I wanted to experience the breaded fillets as they are for the first time, so I served them with a variety of dipping sauces along with fried potatoes and vegetables. They were Mediterranean-style chicken perfection, with a crispy, golden breading and a moist white meat center. My kids asked for seconds so we tried chopping up the fillets to make a wrap which was also a success.
My Kirkwood chicken fillet dinner creation was simple: I cooked the chicken in an air fryer and served it with roasted vegetables. (Terri Peters)
An Aldi spokesman said TODAY that unlike many of the chain's seasonal offerings, Kirkwood chicken fillets should be available in stores year-round. However, due to the high demand in some areas, customers report that stores are sold out.
When I asked for information about the chicken on the RBC Facebook group, more than one commenter complained that it will be even more impossible to find in stores once it becomes known how delicious it is.
Tina Perretta
"At our core, we are passionate about offering Aldi customers high-quality food and products that they enjoy, and always coming back to them," said the Aldi spokesman. "While we're not biased on any product, we love to see how much shoppers love the 'RBC', the community that created it online, and the myriad of recipes that fans create and share."
RBC recipes posted online include breaded chicken salads and pasta with chicken marsala and chicken parmesan with schnitzel.
Jessica O'Sullivan, a member of the RBC Facebook group, enjoys her red bag chicken on biscuits with cheese and chick-fil-a-sauce. (Jessica O'Sullivan)
"I made (sandwiches) in original ways like chick-fil-a on brioche with cucumber, cordon bleu style with ham and swiss, chicken parmesan style and buffalo style," said Tina Perretta, an RBC Facebook Group member who lives in New York. "I've made salads like Strawberry Poppy and Cobb Salad. The possibilities are endless."
The chicken fillets were a hit with my family. And since I grabbed an extra bag when shopping at Aldi, we will definitely make it again. As a busy mom, a delicious way to quickly toss chicken into a recipe on a weekday takes an extra chore off my to-do list.
Michaelene Walski's favorite method for preparing the Kirkwood fillets is
Michaelene Walski, a Pennsylvania fan of the fillets, agrees.
"I've been eating it for years," said Walski. "My family loves it too. Thankfully, my shop has a good selection of frozen chicken and always seems to have it in stock."

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